Thursday, May 7, 2009

Secession Watch

From Oklahoma:
"House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty

Although Gov. Brad Henry vetoed similar legislation 10 days earlier, House members Monday again approved a resolution claiming Oklahoma’s sovereignty.

Unlike House Joint Resolution 1003, House Concurrent Resolution 1028 does not need the governor’s approval.

The House passed the measure 73-22. It now goes to the Senate.

"We’re going to get it done one way or the other,” said the resolutions’ author, Rep. Charles Key, R-Oklahoma City.

"I think our governor is out of step.”

One more state we can do without. May I point out that, with the exception of Texas, each of these states is a net tax receiver from the federal government, surviving on tax welfare provided to them by residents of the Blue states. Here's my new secession map, showing places we can do without in red, and states that I suspect will soon be on that list in yellow. Oh what a fine country we could have, with science and health care and all.

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Anonymous said...

The Confederacy lives!

I don't know if they would be considered a third world country, but they definitely would a be third rate country.