Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sarah Honored

World Net Daily offers us this vital news:

" Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was bashed for her pricey wardrobe, but now she's getting a lethal accessory.

The National Rifle Association Foundation will present Sen. John McCain's ill-fated running mate with a military-style assault weapon next week.

The all-white "Alaskan Hunter".... is the civilian version of a modified M-4 rifle carried by U.S. troops overseas.

The rifle is chambered in .50-caliber "Beowulf." It's the same caliber used by heavy machine guns, which .... in war zones "can disable both motor vehicles and assailants with body armor," according to ammo manufacturer Alexander Arms' Web site."

Well, I can certainly see why she would have the need for something like that.

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