Friday, May 1, 2009

Meet Ann

Courtesy of Renew America, I'd like you to meet my newest conserva-girl, Ann "babe" Huggett. I've been watching her for a little while now, and I think it's time to add her to my little stable of, well, deeply disturbed and ignorant hatemongers. Here's today's sample:

"While news commentators are debating The Great Usurper's first 100 Days and how the grotesquely self-entitled cretin Senator, Arlen Specter (RINO) ran back to his original Democratic Party roots in order to stay in power past the 2010 elections, Joe and Jane Average are cowering under their respective covers because the rapidly developing-into-a-pandemic swine flu is stalking the land thanks to the feckless Department of Homeland Security refusing to seal the borders.

.....It's the Gay Agenda soon to be enshrined into law and heaven help us all if we so much as look askance or object to anything homosexuals say or do. No Christian is safe and no Christian preacher is safe. Canada's despicable and misnamed Human Rights Commission actually views the Holy Bible as hate literature and routinely harasses Christian ministers as hate mongers

.....oh! Excuse me! Prosecute anyone unlucky enough to inadvertently hurt the exquisitely sensitive feelings of the whips and chains gang. Maybe H.R. 1913 should be renamed, "The Keep Lawyers Solvent And Living In Luxury" Bill. Extra snaps to you if you're a homosexual lawyer!"

There's plenty more, if you care. Here's a picture of Ann, which I like very much. Isn't she a cutie? All that gay bashing- projecting much, Ann, or is it that you just have a real personal stake in the whole "swine" flu thing.

Yeah, I'm aware that my remarks are hitting below the belt, but really, you sort of have to adapt the tools to the enemy, right? Does Ann really deserve better?

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Anonymous said...

"Joe and Jane Average are cowering under their respective covers"???.....
Wow, millions of Americans didn't show up for work last week because they were home "cowering under their respective covers".

Once again another wingnut who creates their own reality... that exists only in their own heads.

The right wing is being reduced to people who are using the political arena to play out their own psychological, sexual and/or racial issues and low self esteem. It's not really about what's good for America, it's about THEM.
Rove, Craig, Vitter, Hastert, Gingrich, Foley, Bush, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Glen Beck, the list goes on and on.
The Teabag Nation.