Thursday, May 7, 2009

Be Afraid..

From Talking Ponts Memo this morning:

"All else having failed to score decisive political points against Obama, the GOP is going back to the tried and true scare tactics that will be the historical hallmark of U.S. politics in the 2000s. And, yes, 9/11 is the cudgel once again.

Today, the House GOP leadership unveiled its "Keep Terrorists Out Of America Act" (clever, right?) to try to prevent the closing of Gitmo by barring the moving of detainees to facilities on the U.S. mainland."

I want to make a suggestion to the Democratic leadership. The facilities being talked about are maximum security prisons. Now, the Republicans have had so much success renaming things (i.e. the Death Tax, the Patriot Act), that you guys should give this tactic a try.

I would like to see you rename this Republican bill the "Keep Terrorists Out Of Prison Act." That works for me.

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