Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

The wingnuts are out in force today, spreading lies about Obama's health care proposals. But, you've heard it all before, so I'll pretty well skip it. Here's what's left:

From Think Progress: "Gingrich agrees with Kristol"

Sorry to put you in here, Think Progress, but I loved the headline. Gingrich agrees with Kristol. Who could have ever predicted that?

Now, a few things from a new site for Wingnut Wrapup, OpenMarket. This site is from the "Competitive Enterprise Institute," which is funded by oil companies and car manufacturers, and is by far the largest sponsor in the world of anti-global warming propaganda. Here's some more of their contribution to our national discourse:

Wayne Crews, OpenMarket: "Doctors On Strike: What if They Just Said “No” to the Healthcare Hairball?"

Yeah, what if they just said no? Bye bye to those mercedes and golf club memberships, bye bye to those Hawaii vacations- Can't have those if you are earning a living flipping burgers. You know what, Wayne? I just don't think it's going to happen.

Wayne Crews, OpenMarket: "Antitrust is Anti-Economy"

Sure. Anyone can see that, right? Here's part of his argument:

"From this fresh perspective, one finds that even the most “despised” business behaviors—even collusion and mega-mergers—can be pro-competitive and pro-consumer."

Oh, of course. Selling poison food or cars that burst into flame or untested drugs, destroying the environment and leaving consumers to pick up the tab, or seeing to it that a few families own everything in America, or pretending that we have competitive markets, while allowing corporations to sneak around behind our backs and fix prices on everything...That's just great for consumers.

Of course, it would be a pretty good deal for the oil companies that pay your check, right, Wayne?

Iain Murray, OpenMarket: "America’s Worst Idea?"

Invading Iraq? Letting Wall Street rob us blind? No, that would be National Parks. Read on:

"National Parks have not been an unalloyed good. For the very reason that they explicitly reject private stewardship, they may even count as one of America’s worst ideas."

"Private stewardship." Would that be like drilling for oil in Yosemite Valley or something? Remind me, again, who did you say pays your salary?

Moe Lane, Red State: "Breaking: Hudson County (NJ) Democratic Party arrested."

All of them! Well, no, a few of them, and a couple of Republicans too. I'm going to give you a pass on this one, Moe. It's about as close to the truth as you ever get.

Erick Erickson, Red State: "Mitch McConnell Scores Huge...This morning, the NRA is announcing that it is going to score the Sotomayor nomination."

That's his huge score? Getting the NRA to go along with Republicans? Erick, please, listen to me. Don't you realize what it means when that's the biggest victory the Republicans can come up with? I have to work harder to get my kids to agree on where to go for dinner.

Dan Perrin, Red State: "Obamacare Outlaws Individual Insurance"

Oh sure. Listen, Dan, some advice for you too: The lies have to be a little more plausible than that. Really.

Pajamas Media: "Sneak Peek: Roger L. Simon Puts the New York Times on the Couch"

Green Eagle is so kind today, giving out all of this well meant advice. Roger, really. Haven't you been reading the news lately? This just isn't the right time for Republicans to talk about getting anyone on the couch.

Gateway Pundit: "Carter Syndrome Strikes: Media Loves Obama-- Investors Hate Him"

That's why the Bush stock market crash ended 48 days into Obama's term, and in the last four months or so, it's gone up from 6547 to 9069. That's +39%, in case you wondered.

Boy, those investors hate him.

Andrew Breitbart, National Review Online: "Cop who arrested Gates was profiling expert."

And his profile led him to arrest a Harvard Professor for "burglarizing" his own house. I think this profile thing may need a little more refinement.

Regular Folks United, The Bully Pulpit for Regular Folks: "Government run Social Security is fraudulent, misleading, and unconstitutional."

Working to destroy social security. By, that's really standing up for the regular folks. Way to go, guys.

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