Friday, July 24, 2009

Republicans' Alamo

The panic is thick in the air concerning health care reform in the left blogosphere today.

Yes, the Republicans are mounting their fully expected multimillion dollar lieapalooza in defense of their real constituents, the insurance companies. They are trotting out the same old falsehoods that have worked so well for fifty years, and engaging in an absolute orgy of obstructionism and betrayal of their responsibility, in order to prevent the American people from having the same quality of health care as the rest of the industrialized world.

As anyone could have predicted, the mainstream media have rushed back home to their corporate mamas and are manufacturing a 24 hour a day campaign to undermine confidence in Obama, and dissipate his momentum by focusing on any pathetic, irrelevant issues they can find, and generally declaring him dead in the water.

Od course, the insurance companies and the HMO's who eat a third of our medical expenditures in overhead, have spent millions in an attempt to buy the support of the miserable right-wing "democrats" who are concerned with nothing but their own jobs and power, and care no more for our welfare than Mitch McConnell or John Boehner.

Is there anyone who really thought that things would be any different? The passage of a health care bill with a public option will represent the greatest legislative victory for the American people since Roosevelt, and everyone knows what that means for Republicans and conservatives in general. This is their Alamo. If they don't win here, they're dead.

Now, call me a crazy Pollyanna, but I have faith in Barack Obama. Remember that this guy has been one step ahead of the Republicans and their collaborators, as long as he has been in Washington. This guy is not like the Harry Reids and John Kerrys, or even the Bill Clintons of our party's recent past. Believe it or not: he has this situation under control. Ride along with him, and he is going to take us to our destination.


Poll P. said...

Please re-title this post:
"Republican's Alamo"

(...a nice play on their Waterloo gambit.)


"If They Don't Win Here, They're Dead."

You'll click on it thinking it about the Dems, and gradually realize it's the Health Care Quislings who are at their Alamo.

Green Eagle said...

You got it.