Thursday, July 9, 2009

It Would Be Funny, If It Weren't So Pathetic

Apparently having accomplished every positive goal they have for our country, conservatives now seem to be directing their attention toward recording their great achievements of the recent past:

"Why I'm Thankful for George W. Bush
Bt Ken Russell"

Oh God, here it comes. From the same people who brought you "Reagan- Savior of the Human Race."

"The 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Kobar Towers, African embassies, USS Cole all went unanswered like the '83 (Beirut) bombing. Obviously no one figured out how or still didn't have the moral courage to close with and engage the enemy."

Uh, except for that guy, uh, what's his name now- oh yeah, Bill Clinton, who caught all of the World Trade Center bombers and sent them to jail for life, and was in the process of bombing the hell out of Al Qaida for the African embassy bombings, while you Republicans sat on the sidelines and screamed that he was only doing it to distract the American people from Monica.

"Then, the worst terror attack in world history took place on our shores."

The worst terror attack in world history. Are you kidding me? How about the Rwandan genocide, in which hundreds of thousands were slaughtered? How about the Rape of Nanking, in which hundreds of thousands were slaughtered? God, how about the slaughter of the Albigensians by St. Dominic? You think there has never been an attack on civilians that killed more than three thousand people? You are an ignorant lunatic.

So, here is the brilliant strategy that the U. S. developed to deal with these wicked people:

"We will close with and engage the enemy at a time and place of our choosing."

It was genius"

Because, in the whole history of the world, not one single military leader ever thought of fighting with the enemy "at a time and place of our own choosing." No, this idea was so subtle, so masterful, that not once had anyone realized its power, until the mighty Military strategist George W. Bush strode the earth.

"The American rope-a-dopers whose occupation it was to destroy George W Bush, unknowingly helped severely weaken the most difficult enemy faced by any state or alliance in human history."

The most difficult enemy faced by any state or alliance in human history. Worse than the Nazis. Worse than the Russians. Worse than Genghis Khan. Worse than Napoleon.

A bunch of guys in a cave.

"Before Bush invaded, there was no al Qaeda in Iraq."

You got that right, sucker. Why don't you think about that for a while. Done already? Okay, on with the story.

You got it Sun Tzu, er, I mean Mr. President. The strategery worked as planned, just like Tommy Franks said it would "at a time and place of OUR choosing."

And here, I thought the plan ended a month after it started when President Military Genius went on that aircraft carrier and announced that we had won. What have the other six years been, the victory parade?

The enemy's ideology drew him to attack American forces in Iraq with the intention to force an American loss."

I see. So, it's okay to turn an innocent country into a battlefield, and turn the lives of its people into a nightmare, because that was the place of OUR choosing. By the way, what was worse, the three thousand dead in the World Trade Center, or the million innocent civilians dead in Iraq, as a result of George W. Bush's military brilliance? Of course, they are brown people, so they don't count, right?

"The more the mainstream media and Democrats celebrated each thousand American deaths, the more terrorists from all over the globe flocked to Iraq. Each worked with the other to further their own set of agendas and ideologies; one for political power and the other for twisted religious ideology."

I see, it was the Arab terrorists and the Democrats together. And then, George W. Bush, military hero, brought all of our troops home, safe and victorious, and everybody lived happily ever after, except for the Democrats, who didn't have any dead American troops to celebrate.

WHAT? He DIDN'T? The troops are STILL THERE?

Listen, you idiotic dick: George W. Bush was the worst President in our history. You are never going to change that. He attacked the wrong country and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. You are never going to change that. While engaged in this vicious stupidity, he took his eyes off the ball and let the real culprits of 9-11 get away scot free. You are never going to change that. He made enemies for us all over the world. You are never going to change that. He took the greatest military the world has ever known, and conducted such a criminally incompetent war that he got shellacked by a pathetic, impoverished third world country. You are never going to change that. He was a totally worthless piece of human garbage, and all your lies will never manage to hide that fact.

Well, get ready for it. The same people who turned a worthless, narrow minded crook into Saint Ronnie are now going to try to turn George Bush into George the Conqueror. They never quit.

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Poll P. said...

Good stuff. Who will they turn Sarah Palin into? Joan of Arco?