Monday, July 27, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup- Governor Sarah Palin Memorial Edition

The best of a bad lot. I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Republicans. Their hearts just don't seem to be in it these days:

Matt Lewis, Politics Daily: "(Palin) sought to undermine criticism that she was "quitting" by ending her term early."

Without much luck, one might think, given as how "ending her term early" is pretty much exactly the same thing as "quitting," isn't it? Or have I forgot how to speak English?

Olivia Offner, Town Hall: "Pelosi Doesn't Care If You Like Her-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the most unpopular political figure in America."

I don't know how much Pelosi cares about how much I like her, but here are some numbers on the subject:

Daily Kos tracking poll, July 20, 2009: Pelosi 33% favorable; McConnell 19% favorable; Boehner, 14% favorable.

They just can't resist lying about anything, can they?

Harry R. Jackson, Jr, Town Hall: "Has Rodney King Moved to Cambridge? "

Yeah, because he just got hired as a Harvard Professor.


Bruce Bialosky, Town Hall: "What They Really Want"

The "they" is Democrats; the "what" is communism. Boy, we are really going to get far with that sort of contribution to our national discourse. Thanks so much, Bruce.

Regular Folks United: "If all life is not valued, no life is valued"

Don't go stepping on any ants, then, guys.

Center for Individual Freedom: "CFIF Joins Coalition Urging Real Health Care Reform, Not ObamaCare"

The "Center for Individual Freedom." You can imagine where their money comes from. Anyway, here is the real health care reform they believe in:

"The organizations signing the letter expressed that we stand united against:

* Giving bureaucrats any decision-making authority over American families’ health care.
* Increasing the deficit.
* A government health insurance plan.
* A government health insurance exchange.
* A government-designed co-op.
* An individual mandate and an employer mandate.
* Rationing health care."

"Real health care reform" turns out to be no health care reform at all! Surprised?

Red State: "The Rules Have Changed. Sarah Palin Changes Everything."

You go on believing that. The only thing Sarah Palin changed is how many ignorant things a politician has to say, before we all admit that they are stupid.

Little Pammy, Atlas Shrugs: "What An American President Should Sound like "

Like Sarah Palin, as it turns out:

"This is a Great American. First and foremost thanking our brave men and women defending this great nation."

Yes sirree, it takes real bravery to thank our troops, particularly when they have exactly zero to do with the subject of her quitting, and are only being used as a pathetic diversion, to keep people from thinking about her own betrayal of her responsibilities.

"And Palin rips the media a new one and warns: "In honor of the American soldier, quit making things up!"

In other words, a jingoistic, irrational liar. That's what Pammy wants from her president:

She invokes America's pioneering spirit. She urges us to resist enslavement to big central government: "Be wary of accepting government largess".
She embodies what an American is. She is what Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin envisioned when they carved out the American idea.

What Washington, Jefferson and Franklin envisioned: apparently, a nation full of ignorant, greedy, power hungry liars.

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker: "Just how smart is Obama?"

It would seem that he is really stupid.


And he has skinny legs.

Henry Makow: "...modern feminism is a direct outgrowth of American Communism"

Well, mark up something for Communism then. Unfortunately for Lenin and Stalin, Mr. Makow is a wingnut, and so of course he is lying.

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