Friday, July 10, 2009

CIA- The Same Story, for Sixty Years

From the Washington Post today, this story, which is about as surprising as news that the sun came up this morning:

"Four months after he was sworn in, CIA Director Leon E. Panetta learned of an intelligence program that had been hidden from Congress since 2001, a revelation that prompted him to immediately cancel the initiative and schedule a pair of closed-door meetings on Capitol Hill."

Of course, the American people are still not allowed to know what this subject of more CIA lies amounts to.

"The incident has reignited a long-running dispute between congressional Democrats and the CIA, with some calling it part of a broader pattern of the agency withholding information from Congress."


"Congressional Republicans said no briefing about the program was required..."

Oh no, of course not. They like being lied to.

"They accused Democrats of using the matter to divert attention away from Pelosi's accusation that CIA officials intentionally misled her in 2002 about the agency's interrogations of suspected terrorists."

Diverting attention from Pelosi, by directing attention at Pelosi. Of course, that's a good strategy. The Democrats brought up the issue because they didn't want anyone to pay attention to it.

"Reactions to the Panetta briefing split along partisan lines."

Surprise, surprise. Guess which side wants the truth, and which side wants everyone to just shut up?

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