Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saint Sarah Palin- Emissary of God

Here's the ultimate word about the great Saint Sarah Palin, from some dimwit at American Thinker, named Stuart Schwartz. As you read this, you might want to remember the right's constant accusations that we are trying to deify Barack Obama:

"Sarah Palin loves God.
God loves Sarah Palin.
And that is why they hate her...and Him."

Ah yes. We hate her because she loves God, not because she is a lying, self-serving demagogue who will tell any pandering lie to get her way.

And by the way, pointing out that she is nothing more than a manipulative crook constitutes hate.

You know why conservatives believe that? Because there is one thing they hate: the truth.

"Sarah Palin's spirituality has affected every part of her life, allowing her to clearly recognize the evil that has leached into our political and media culture."

Except, of course, for things like racism, war crimes, serving money above all else, hypocrisy, breaking one's oath and cruelty to animals. But she sure can see the evil in trying to give health care to the poor, or in treating other countries like our equals.

"At the same time, she is unusual in that she views and conducts herself not as a politician -- which she is -- but a citizen who sees public office as an opportunity to serve."

By quitting to pursue her own opportunity to make money and grab the public spotlight.

"Sarah Palin is grounded in the divine, which means, in part, that she believes, as did the framers of our constitution, that individuals are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." God gives us our rights, and not Washington, the United Nations, or The New York Times or NBC."

Does she believe that? Do you really believe what you are saying here? Because I think that Sarah Palin believes in nothing but Sarah Palin, and the notion the Sarah Palin deserves whatever she wants, no matter what a disaster it might be to others.

You know what? When you call this vacuous, grasping demagogue a creature infused with God, I believe you are showing your own contempt for God and what he regards as holy. She is selling God out to Mammon just as fast as she can, and so are you.

"She is steeped in the religious notion of service"

Do I have to go back to the quitting thing again? Come on, now, you know it's just going to make you whine again.

"You know nothing, our liberal and conservative elite sneered. After all, you....can't rattle off on demand the names of ten trendy but unassuming restaurants on Manhattan's Upper West Side"

Can she rattle off ten books that she has ever read? Or ten countries she is familiar with? Or ten anything that's not mindless right wing cant? That's what most of us are concerned with. The rest of your blabbering there, is just more pandering to the phony conservative sense of victimhood. In other words, a deliberate deception, from her and you- not, generally associated with God, in most people's opinions.

"Lost in the derision is this truth: there is a higher standard, and Sarah Palin unashamedly rests in the grip of the one who provides those standards. The unparalleled borrowing to fuel Obama programs and Democratic patronage is not just wrong policy; rather, it is evil."

Evil! EVIL!!!! EVIL!!!!!!!! Of course the unparalleled borrowing to fuel Bush's war on the wrong country, and Bush's endless tax giveaways to the rich, were the result of divine guidance. God told Sarah Palin that it was evil to care for the sick and poor, but good to go to war! Anyone who reads the words of his Son would know that!

"Stuart H. Schwartz, Ph.D., is a former newspaper and retail executive. He is on the faculty at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia."

Liberty University- Haven't I heard of them before? Right, that's the "college" started by Jerry Falwell. Oh, now I get it. Sorry I wasted your time on this Jackass


Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing.
Stuart H. Schwartz is one sick cat.

Green Eagle said...

That's what we specialize in here.

Poll P. said...

Perhaps your mottos should be "Steppin' in it so you don't have to."

mastercynic said...

The tabloids claim it's legal fees and Levi that made Sarah run. Supposedly the first daughter's stud in exile is going to reveal some really damaging secrets about life in the Alaskan Governor's mansion. I hoping for group sex - with pictures.

Green Eagle said...

Can they have group sex while stealing money from the state at the same time?