Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Has Hell Actually Frozen Over?

From the AP:

"WASHINGTON — Gun control proponents scored a rare victory as the Senate rejected the carrying of concealed weapons across state lines.

The 58-39 vote Wednesday defeated a measure giving people with concealed weapons permits the right to carry their firearms into other states that have similar gun laws. Sixty votes were needed to approve the provision, an amendment to a defense spending bill."

Readers may remember my talking about this a couple of days ago. The Republican party was ready to utterly abandon its constant claim that nothing was more important than states' rights, in order to give a minor victory to gun manufacturers, thus revealing once again the utter dishonesty and hypocrisy that lies behind everything they say.

Well, they lost this time, but unfortunately, it won't stop them for long, so don't feel too good about this.

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Poll P. said...

I know White Wing hypocrisy too well to think rational gun laws are in our near future, but as you said earlier, we are 'being progressed'(for God's sake!) in a remedial direction.