Friday, July 17, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

A little sparse today. I think the wingnuts were sitting shiva over their hopes of destroying Sonya Sotomayor.

Zell Miller: "Obama Needs to Be Stuck to His Chair With ‘Gorilla Glue’

Zell, please, just leave enough to stick your mouth together.

Haven't you noticed, by the way, that everyone forgot about you in 2005?

The Guardian: "jumbo flying squid invade the shallows off San Diego"

All Obama's fault, I am sure. That's what happens when you fight the insurance companies.

Charles Krauthammer, Town Hall: "The Moon We Forgot"

What, Charles, the one you live on? The one where Republicans are patriots and Democrats are traitors?

The "Center for Individual Freedom": "Dick Cheney did it.”

We know he did it. the question is, why isn't he in jail for it.

Do you sort of wonder what the "Center for Individual Freedom" is?

From Sourcewatch: "In 1999 Thomas Humber, the President and CEO of the National Smokers Alliance, a front group originally created with funding from Philip Morris (PM), wrote to Lorillard Tobacco Company requesting financial support. [4] Humber wrote to Lorrillard's Ronald S. Milstein that "I would even like to talk with you about a development project, the Center for Individual Freedom, which might be of interest to Lorrillard's parent or associated companies."

Individual freedom indeed.

American Vision: "Sotomayor’s “Wise Latina”: Perjury?"

What, she's actually a really stupid Finnish male? By the way, American Vision people, I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think it's actually perjury when you say something in a speech. Check it out and get back to me on that one.

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall: " Inside the Monstrous Obamacare Bureaucracy"

Which doesn't exist, of course, since no health care bill has been passed. So I guess the best thing to do is to ask a vicious, angry right wing lunatic to tell us what it would be like.

James Lewis, Pajamas Media: "The climate change fraud overshadows good, honest science"

Sort of the way that "earth goes around the sun" fraud overshadowed good, honest flat earth science.

World Net Daily: "Obama, his birth certificate about to make history
Could be remembered as cause of 'biggest Constitutional crisis America has ever seen"

Obama's birth certificate. Not, say, slavery. Not the passage of the bill of rights. Not a rogue president starting wars of aggression. Not Nixon's spying. No, it's the birth certificate.

Time to grow up and get a real job guys. This one isn't working out for you.

World Net Daily Exclusive: "'Obama policies fail to protect pristine lands'
Report cites 7,000 abandoned vehicles, tons of garbage from illegal aliens"

There's the real damage to our environment- garbage from illegal aliens. Why didn't we figure that out sooner? Forget the oil and coal companies. Forget mining and manufacturing. It all happened when Jose threw that coke can out of his car. Really- that's it. And so much easier to fix,too. Thank you, Republicans, for figuring that out.

Really, this has to be one of the most preposterous things I've read in months.

World Net Daily, "Tobacco bad, but drugs, promiscuity OK"

Sounds okay to me. What's your point, guys?

World Net Daily: "Sotomayor declared 'unqualified to serve"

By whom, you might ask? By the head of an antiabortion group. Actually, I think I would rather hear from Joe the Plumber.


quietmagpie said...

What has tobacco got to do with promiscuity? Is the assumption that smoking cigarettes will somehow stop people from having casual sex?

Perhaps they should put the health warning on cigarette packs "Smoking reduces your chances of getting laid".
The only smokers left would be clergy and Bristol Palin.

mastercynic said...

"flying" squid? Is this some new mutant species created by traitorous Democrats to rape peace loving Republican beach-goers? Oh wait, Republicans don't go to beaches, they just pollute them. But Republican women do like tentacles! And, of course, a cigarette after...