Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama and the Nazis, again...

Here's another column from Renew America which is just so loaded with vicious stupidity that it can't be contained in the confines of Wingnut Wrapup:

Chris Adamo, Renew America: "Obama policy promotes Marxism in Honduras"

i.e. free elections. Actually, I'm kind of glad to see a wingnut who will finally admit that electing your leaders is a liberal kind of thing.

"Present circumstances in and around Venezuela clearly bear a grim resemblance to the German military build-up preceding the onset of hostilities in Europe."

Oh, sure they do. Venezuela: the greatest military power on earth, bent on the liquidation of all ethnic groups but their own. We quake at their feet.

"Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's power crazed ruler has made no effort at hiding his agenda of forcible conversion and eventual takeover of surrounding nations."

Somebody must have made the effort then, because there is no public record of his ever saying any such thing, or done anything to justify this claim. Actually, this is a lie, pure and simple.

"In the midst of this growing Marxist shadow, the people of Honduras have chosen to remain sovereign and free, asserting the primacy of their nation's constitution over the grandiose visions of Chavez."

i.e. preferring a military dictatorship to a nonexistent foreign threat. You know what? I just can't believe that's what they want. I think you are kidding me. No, really.

"The parallels between this situation and Chamberlain's fawning before Hitler are chilling."

Oh, of course they are. Here we go, with the Nazis and the appeasement thing. It's getting so conservatives can't write more than a half dozen sentences without getting around to the Nazis. They must really like them. Their posts are starting to sound like Governor Sanford's love letters. Maybe they are soul mates, huh?

"Eventually, for the sake of its own safety and security, America will be forced to confront Chavez."

Sure. Man, you guys have run short of evil demons to hate.

" is the manner in which Obama's effort does not mimic the British Prime Minister that is most disturbing. For although Chamberlain was horribly mistaken, no one can doubt that his goal was in the best interests of England."

You see, Obama is worse than Chamberlain- a monster of evil who spent his life running for president so he could destroy our country, and at the same time a pathetic, deluded weakling. Makes sense.

"So Barack Obama has joined the ranks of Castro, Ortega, and Chavez, with the ultimate goal being the destruction of Honduran efforts to reestablish its constitutional rule of law."

Now, I hate to mention this again, but Obama has joined the ranks of not just Castro, Ortega and Chavez, but of virtually every other country in the world, all of whom have demanded that the legally elected president of Honduras be returned to office, in place of the current military dictatorship. Why don't the conservatives ever seem to remember all of the other countries? It couldn't be that they are dishonest, could it?

"As it was with Czechoslovakia in 1938, a nation of free people is being bludgeoned into subjugation under a ruthless tyrant. And Obama's America is leading the way."

The storm troopers are on the march! We look in the papers every day and see the vicious armed aggression being carried out by Venezuela against Honduras.

Face it- about 20% of our country actually likes military dictatorship more than legally elected governments. That's the truth behind all of this lying, and it's a very ugly truth indeed.

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