Monday, July 20, 2009

National Strike

I have just learned about something really inspiring, from a relatively new site for me, Yes To Democracy, which I have just added to my blog list.

The inspiring thing is the great "National Strike Against The Dictator," scheduled for November fourth. This is going to be a sort of grand tea party which will finally bring The Dictator to his knees!

As this is a popular uprising, I thought I would bring you a few remarks from the myriad ordinary people supporting this earth-shaking event:

"We need to strom the castle!!! This health care suicide cannot be allowed to happedn!!!!!!!!!!"

Strom the Castle? As in Thurmond?

"It’s the say no to HELL’TH care ralley."

HELL'TH care. Cute. How many months did it take you to think that one up?

"November is to far away. This country will be gone by then!"

Just a big hole in the earth, I guess. That's our evil liberal plan- then all of the leftist spawn of Satan can come crawling up to devour the good people.

"unfortunately, this leftist swine infesting the people’s white house and congress are not bound by rule of law like our side always is."

Ha ha.

"I’ve been on strike for three years now. Haven’t had a straight job,or paid taxes as either."

Haven't paid taxes? So, what are you complaining about, asshole?

"I have been adamant about the true meaning of this failing world economy, and see it as a gift from God."

A gift from the great and noble Lord. Mortgage default, no jobs and companies moving to China. Yup, he's behind all of that sort of thing. That's our Jesus.

"Liberals are pathertic little remote controlled robots."

Uh huh, just as I suspected.

"I’ve been warning people for years that there is a planned “die off” of folks of the baby boomer generation. Of course, I was brushed off as a lunatic"

Brushed off as a lunatic? What could have given them that idea?

"Stupidity knows no bounds.

Break a leg, guys. We need the laugh."

Oh, wait a minute, that's what Green Eagle posted.

Here's an idea- how about if we require a spelling test to be in the National Strike. That should pretty well bring an end to that.

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