Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

Today's random sampling of the kind of thought that brought us that permanent Republican majority Newt Gingrich always liked to talk about:

Jim Kuhnhenn (yup, that's his name,) Town Hall: "Analysis: On the economy, it's all his now"

Meaning Obama's. You wish, buddy. You guys bought and paid for it. With our dollars, may I add.

Ann Coulter, Town Hall, "Every time a Democrat senator has talked during the Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor this week, I felt lousy about my country."

Ann, every time you talk, your country feels lousy about you. By the way, noticed yet that you used to be on all the cable shows, and now you are writing for some pathetic website? Think about it.

Horace Cooper, Town Hall: "While most analysts see Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court sailing smoothly ahead, beneath the waters lurk troubles"

Troubles lurking. Like guppy bites on the ankles. Get real, guy. She's in.

Rich Galen, Town Hall: "$1.5 Trillion Gives Me Heartburn"

You should have thought of that before you spent six years supporting Bush's miserable war.

Little Pammy Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Video of the Day from Dick Morris (How Obama is going to fix the next and future elections) "

Don't bother to read this. I can answer it for you. He's going to fix the next elections by getting about 70% of the American people to vote for him. A dirty trick, huh?

Little Pammy Again (she's so stupid today:) "Is it me? Or is Sotomayor an idiot?"

Pammy, it's you. Hate to break it to you.

Michael Gaynor, Renew America: "Judge Sotomayor's lucky Ann Coulter isn't on the Senate Judiciary Committee"

Because Judge Sotomayor's an American. We're all lucky Ann Coulter isn't on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Jeff Sessions is bad enough.

World Net Daily: "Sotomayor's many faces- Now that the Supreme Court is in sight, she knows what she has to say"

She hasn't said anything we can screech and moan about, so she must be lying. No way she doesn't believe what we want her to believe.

World Net Daily: "Meet the leader of the new opposition"

Not Sarah Palin. No, they mean Joe the Plumber. Just great, huh? A constitutional law professor on one side and a fake plumber on the other. That's a fair fight, huh?

Ron Paul, Newsmax: "Obama Will 'Destroy the Dollar"

What, Ron, you mean the half of it that's left after Bush and Cheney got done with it?

Newsmax: "Bork: Sotomayor Unqualified, Isn't 'Governed by Law'

Like you were, Borkie Baby, when you helped Nixon crush his own attorney general for trying to reveal Nixon's criminality? Listen, you criticizing Sonia Sotomayor is like John Wayne Gacy complaining that his neighbor was mean to his teenage son.

John Stossel, Newsmax: "Free Competition Best Healthcare Solution"

John, can you tell me this, then? Why hasn't it worked yet? Haven't we given the insurance companies enough time yet to stop robbing us blind?

World Net Daily: "Texas congressman: Seniors die sooner under Dem plan"

Well, there you have it. Vote Democratic and you die!!! The Republican message distilled to its most basic form. Hey, it's all they've got left.


Poll P. said...

Great to have you back, and in fine form. Gacy...I mean...?

Green Eagle said...

Hey, he's my favorite comparison. Kind of like Republicans and Hitler.