Friday, July 31, 2009

Island of Doom

Just in case you don't have enough to worry about today, how about this:

"Will Krakatoa rock the world again? Last time, it killed thousands and changed the weather for five years, now it could be even deadlier..."


Poll P. said...

Are you kidding? Today, as inJuly 31, 2009? Yikes.

quietmagpie said...

Awesome photos.

Green Eagle said...

Yeah, they are nice, although I feel called upon to point out that in the real Krakatoa eruption, the sky was filled with millions of tons of ash and pumice, and no one could see anything except a red glow in the distance, when the really devastating explosions took place.

Derek said...

Yellowstone is going to blow at some point, and it is going to severely hurt North America's climate and biosphere for many years after.

Hopefully that is thousands of years down the road, not, say, tomorrow.

Green Eagle said...

Well, when Yellowstone goes, it's going to dwarf the Krakatoa eruption. It will be a catastrophe for the whole world.

At least one thing, Derek. No one will be worrying about global warming for a few years.

If anyone is left.

Derek said...

"If anyone is left."

They will be, it won't be big enough to end all humanity.

I am referring to Yellowstone, as Krakatoa won't be all that bad. A medium sized blast from Yellowstone would engulf your beloved city in ash, as all the way to Mississippi. The worst part is that it will prevent crops from being grown from CA all through the grain belt, meaning super high food prices and possible starvation.

They don't call it a supervolcanoe for nothing.

Green Eagle said...


Most of the charts of expected ash damage from Yellowstone do not predict significant impact on Los Angeles, as weather patterns would carry most of the ash to the east.

The ultimate threat from Yellowstone would be the lowering of global temperatures, and the consequent upsetting of climate patterns. The eruption of Tambora in 1815 caused the so-called "year without a summer." The Krakatoa eruption precipitated massive crop failures and other weather related disasters over the next year or two, and Yellowstone would be far worse. It would be the collapse of world agriculture that would cause immense death totals.

Derek said...

"Yellowstone do not predict significant impact on Los Angeles, as weather patterns would carry most of the ash to the east."

Uh, the last couple took over CA.

Nothing like good old SO2 to cool down the Earth, right?