Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun With the Kos Poll

This being Friday, it's time to take a look at the weekly Daily Kos tracking poll.

Obama essentially unchanged at 62% positive; Pelosi and Reed up slightly, at 34% and 32% respectively, Boehner and McConnell down slightly at 18% and 13% (!) Yes, thirteen percent of the American people view the Republican Senate leader positively. Way to go guys.

Party ratings? Both down 2, leaving the Dems at 45 % and the Republicans at a new low of 19%!

Even worse when they look at congressional ratings- Congressional Dems +2 at 41% positive, and Congressional Republicans -2 at (get ready for this one, I saved the best for last) a massive positive rating of (are you sitting down?) 10%. You read that right. One person in every ten approves of congressional Republicans this week!

Way to go, guys. You are really on that comeback trail I keep reading about.

Now, this amusing chart from Kos:

I think this should give the Republican party something to think about.

But, of course, it won't.

Much more, with some interesting analysis, at Daily Kos. If you are not a regular reader of the single most influential left wing blog, this would be a good opportunity to take a look.

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