Friday, July 31, 2009

Excellent News from Congressional Progressives

This very good news, from The Hill:

"Liberal Dems have 57 votes against Blue Dog plan

Liberal lawmakers who oppose a deal House leaders cut with centrist Blue Dog Democrats have gathered signatures from 57 lawmakers who say they won't vote for the plan."

Two can play at this game, and this action is essential to giving Barack Obama the ability to go to the Blue Dogs and tell them that no health care reform legislation without a public option is going to pass.

These Blue Dogs always claim that they have to vote the way they do, because they live in relatively conservative districts, and they will be in danger if they do the right thing. Well, Obama can now make them face the prospect of their intransigence precipitating a total failure on health care reform. Let's see how they do, running as Democrats, after that, particularly when the party will have every reason to cut them off without a penny, the next time they run.

No mercy for them.


TRUTH 101 said...

This is a time for party discipline GE. The message must be sent. Might as well have republicans in there if the democrats are going to pretend to be them.

Poll P. said...

Amen, TRUTH 101.

Green Eagle said...

Absolutely. This is the kind of issue like Social Security and Medicare that defines the difference between Republicans and Democrats. If we don't have their votes on something as clear cut as this, let's see if we can't elect someone better.

Derek said...

Now you guys know how I feel about RINOs.