Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Massive Move in the Right Direction

God, this is good news:

"WITH LITTLE FANFARE, a new public program to help pay for long-term care for adults is moving through Congress. The premium is low and the coverage is good.

Largely geared to personal and health services provided in the home, though it extends to nursing home care as a last resort, the new coverage is built into the emerging formula for national healthcare reform.

The need for home care is immense. More than 10 million Americans receive home care, and the number will rise rapidly as the population ages."

This is an immense and growing problem, with which I have, unfortunately, had personal experience with. And let me tell you, if there is anyone out there stupid enough to think that we would see a Republican president and congress deal with it, well, they are just crazy. No, Republicans would be working on more giveaways to the rich, and maybe another trillion dollar useless war or two, the bastards.

My wife and I spent every penny we could afford to help bring this about. Don't ever, ever let anyone tell you we aren't getting our money's worth from Obama.

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