Monday, July 27, 2009

Traitors Attack

From the AP:

"WASHINGTON – After weeks of secretive talks, a bipartisan group in the Senate edged closer Monday to a health care compromise that omits a requirement for businesses to offer coverage to their workers and lacks a government insurance option....

The senators involved in the negotiations are all members of the Senate Finance Committee, and include Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the chairman, and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the senior Republican. Others participating are Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, and Republicans Olympia Snowe of Maine and Mike Enzi of Wyoming."

Let us be clear: This is not a compromise. It is a sellout to the ghouls who see our health as nothing but a source of profit. We expect no more from Republicans, who are one and all crooks, owned by big business.

The three Democrats involved in this malicious charade need to be cut off immediately from any shred of support from their fellow Democrats.

Max Baucus, Kent Conrad and Jeff Bingaman: Here is my warning, no matter how pathetic it may seem to you. If you do not support a public option for health care in this country, such as those which have long been offered in every other industrialized country in the world, I will do whatever I can to see that you never win another election of any kind as long as you live. And I know I am far from being alone. If you are not going to be a Democrat, we are not going to pay to keep you in office.

Don't think we are going to forget this promise, or what you do on this issue. We don't need 60 Senators when some of them are power hungry, morally bankrupt clowns who have sold out to the same people who run the Republican party, and who have run this country into the ground. I'd rather spin the wheel, and try to win with a real Democrat.


Anonymous said...

Can't we lock them up in Guantanamo?

Poll P. said...

Man, I share your fury. I'll work to defeat them, too.