Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

Saturday- time for the leisure edition of Wingnut Wrapup- Shabbat sholom!

Michael Fumento, Town Hall: "The "Decades Away" Dirty Secret of Stem Cell Research"

Because if we can't cure cancer and brain injuries for decades, why bother to start now? Particularly when we could use the money for more tax cuts for the rich. Now that's the Republican way.

Erick Erickson, Red State: "Mary Jo Kopechne died 40 years ago today. And today Ted Kennedy plots our deaths at the hands of an inferior healthcare system."

You just couldn't resist, could you, Erick? You know what? You are a dick.

Little Pammy Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Attorney General Holder Secretly Visits Mosque to Plot"

And what was the evil plot he was hatching up there?

“The point was to engage the Muslim community here in Los Angeles and make sure they understand this administration’s commitment to work with that community,” Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller said."

Now, that's despicable. Commitment to work with the community. Obama should be so ashamed.

Little Pammy again: "HIZB-UT-TAHRIR Convention in Chicago: Would they host a neo-nazi convention?"

Remember Skokie, Pammy? No? Check up on it. And while you're at it, try reading the first amendment.

Confederate Yankee: "Stokes County sheriff's deputies arrested the president of the local NAACP chapter on child sex and firearms charges Monday.

Truly loathsome. Republicans would never do anything like that, would they? Here's Mr. Yankees comment on this story:

"If there is any evidence at all that Lash used the influence and prestige of his position to carry out his assaults, I hope that the families of the victims sue the state and local organizations into bankruptcy as a warning that no organization is above the law..."

You'd better watch that kind of talk, Mr. Yankee. With that attitude, the Republican party could end up owing more than the national debt.

Gateway Pundit: "Black Chamber of Commerce Leader Harry Alford says Barbara Boxer is a racist."

Black chamber of commerce. Boy, you just know that organization has our best interests at heart.

Kevin Price, Renew America: "The real challenge facing conservative women and minorities"

The real challenge facing them is getting anyone sane to vote for them, Kevin.

Newsmax: "Limbaugh: Palin might leave GOP for third party"

Please, please, dear God, let this be true. PLEASE!

World Net Daily: "Veteran psychiatrist calls liberals mentally ill "

That would be a certain Lyle Rossiter. A survey of his articles at this site reveals most of them to have been published in one place: Town Hall. A scientific site of the greatest value, with extremely rigorous standards of peer review. Oh yes, and as you may have noticed, one of the major sources for Wingnut Wrapup.

Here's a sample of Rossiter's incisive scientific analysis: "Only a month into Barack Obama’s presidency, an acclaimed psychiatrist is warning that Americans are being slowly corrupted by socialism as Obama’s policies intrude into their economic, social and political lives – a tactic he believes will secure future votes for the Democratic Party."

You've been warned.

Jay D. Hominick, American Spectator: "Republicans in Congress are holding a winning hand."

You go with that, Jay. See where it gets you.


Patrick Buchanan, Human Events: "How to Handle Sonia "

Forget it already, Pat. She handled you.

Bruce Walker, American Thinker: "Think what you want about George W. Bush, but he did do this: he saved us from a Gore Presidency."

And they scream when we talk about Bush. They can't even stop ragging on the Nobel Prize winner. What a bunch of pathetic losers. Here's more vintage Republican political analysis from this article:

"Hitler fretted about racial pollution much like Gore frets about thermal pollution. People -- those creatures who religious people think have souls -- are to men like Hitler, Stalin, and Gore more like eggs. And one can't make an omelet without breaking eggs"

Racial pollution, thermal pollution- same thing.

Hitler, Stalin, Gore- just the same.

This is the kind of political analysis that will be remembered down through the ages.

By clinical psychologists.

Lee Cary, American Thinker: "Walter Cronkite, Vietnam, and the Decline of Media Credibility"

Ah yes, it's Walter Cronkite's fault that we lost the Vietnam war. We knew that was coming. Oh well.

Mark Steyn, National Review Online: "The equine welfare queens created by the Restore Our American Mustangs Act — or ROAM — are almost too apt a symbol of where we’re all headed."

Equine welfare queens. What next? Really. Man, these guys are having trouble finding anything to lie about these days.

Tara Ross, The Weekly Standard: "How To Win the Presidency. . . with 15 percent of the popular vote."

A great article for Republicans. Because that's about what they are going to get, at the rate they are going.

By the way, guys, you should really take a look at your new friends in Honduras. Then Tara Ross could write an article on "How to win the Presidency with 0% of the votes."

And this, from one of my new favorites, Henry Makow: "OK now it's confirmed, Russia is also ran by zionist criminals and is part of the crime network."


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