Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

A new helping of incisive conservative political commentary, interlarded with cheap slurs from that demented parrot, Green Eagle:

Ben Shapiro, Town Hall: " So, what's a failed president to do? How about distract the American public by throwing an ally under the bus and starting a war in the Middle East? "

Now that would be a totally unprecedented idea, wouldn't it? I mean, starting an unjustified war in the Middle East. What kind of scum would do something like that?

Tony Blankley, Town Hall: "The president and the Democratic congressional leadership are fighting furiously to pass, with no Republican votes, the ever-less-popular health bill.... Should (Pelosi) follow through on her threat, however, the product would not be a law, but a nullity -- an aborted, inert thing. It would be, in essence, an attempted congressional putsch against the Constitution."

I.e. Democrats passing legislation by majority vote. Our founding fathers never intended that to happen.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Thousands Protest Obamacare Today in Washington DC"

Well, hundreds, anyway, Jim. Not such a good turnout, huh? I mean, for a national march and all. I've said it before, but I guess I need to repeat it again- I could get more people than that to turn out for a free screening of Battlefield Earth.

Joseph Pecar, Renew America: "A picture on the Wall Street Journal's front-page of an empty northern Virginia supermarket's fruit section during a recent snowstorm gave Americans a vivid understanding of what it can be like to live under socialistic or communistic regimes."

What? No bananas in a snowstorm? How will we ever survive?

Robin of Berkeley, American Thinker: "Obama has been called a Citizen of the World. While liberals find this appealing, what it actually means is that Obama has come from nowhere and belongs nowhere."

Robin, sorry to break this to you, but Obama comes from Hawaii, and he belongs in the Oval Office, where the American people chose to put him. I know, I know, it's hard for people like you to wake up every day, and as you are emerging to consciousness remember to your horror that there is a black man in the White House. But that's just the rotten hand that fate has dealt you. Try to handle it. In the long run, it will be good for your character.

Andrew Thomas, American Thinker: "The left doesn't know what anger is until health care reform is passed"

Oh yeah? We remember how we felt when you guys destroyed the economy, so don't be so sure about that.

Astute Bloggers: "REMINDER: SOCIAL SECURITY IS THE BIGGEST SCREWING THE WORKING MAN EVER GOT...Social Security is really GOVERNMENT SECURITY or LIBERAL POLITICIAN SECURITY. It prolongs dependence and poverty. If we privatized Social Security, then we could END POVERTY in 30 years."

Social security prolongs poverty, and is apparently the only cause of poverty in the world. There's nothing I could say that makes this seem any more stupid than it already is, but I thought you would like to see a prime specimen of conservative thought.

Andrew Hyman, Red State: "The GOP Did Deem and Pass! The GOP Did Deem and Pass! Big Deal. When the GOP used “deem and pass,” that was done legitimately. In contrast, the imminent “Slaughter Solution” would use “deem and pass” in a completely unconstitutional manner."

Of course. Because when Republicans did it 300 times since 1994, that was perfectly okay. But if Democrats do it once, it's treason. I can see how you would believe that. Jackass.

Jim Geraghty, National Review: "The headline in Haaretz is “Netanyahu’s brother-in-law: Obama is an anti-Semite” "

Netanyahu's brother-in-law. The jokes write themselves.

Haaretz: "Danish artist dresses her baby as Hitler"

And here he is, too, for your edification.

Michelle Bachmann: “If the government controls this aspect of the economy, eventually they’ll come to the point of domination where we will, in all likelihood, see private insurance companies go away”

Whoopee, Michelle. Heaven on Earth.

World Net Daily: "Is the afterlife heaven, hell or outer space?"

You guys can cross outer space off the list. After all, you are already there, and judging from your constant anger, it ain't heaven.

Walter Scott Hudson, Regular Folks United: "Tyranny Built With Rights"

That's Obama's form of tyranny, apparently- more rights. That sure makes sense.

Cold Fury: "Eric Holder has personally repealed President Ford’s ban on assassinations and ordered American forces to kill Osama bin Laden on sight...Holder has no legal principle other than “What’s the most left-wing position I can get away with?”

Funny, for seven years you guys were screaming for Bin Laden's head. A little afraid of what will happen to your most cherished talking point if Obama catches him after your guy muffed it?

Dan Riehl, Riehl World View: "CBO Score, Or C-BS? Anyone who actually believes this to be true is either a moron, or a progressive Democrat."

Sounds like somebody, as the guy once said, "can't handle the truth," Dan.

Enough, already. Bye.


Poll P. said...

A chickenin every pot; a banana tree in every backyard.

Infidel753 said...

an empty northern Virginia supermarket's fruit section during a recent snowstorm gave Americans a vivid understanding of what it can be like to live under socialistic or communistic regimes

He probably means Communism causes snow. That's why there's so much snow in Russia.