Friday, March 26, 2010

Just One More Republican Fraud

TPM comments on a story that has been on the edges of the news:

"David Frum, the conservative pundit and former Bush White House speechwriter, has left his longtime perch at the American Enterprise Institute -- and some observers wondering whether the move was triggered by his recent criticism of the GOP."

These "think tanks" like AEI, the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institute and so many more, are nothing but ways that the corporate right has of directing large salaries toward anyone willing to spew their lies. All it takes for a long-time right wing propagandist to be thrown off the bus is a single incident of criticism directed toward the Republican party. This will serve as a lesson to all others who are on their malicious gravy train to keep their mouths shut if they ever think of telling the truth.

Via these propaganda mills, the right is able to take a professor earning $80,000 a year or so, and pay him a salary of several hundred thousand, plus get him a couple of dozen speaking engagements every year at $10,000 or so a pop, and if he is good enough at telling their lies, a whole bunch of appearances on Fox news or CNN for a few thousand each; and if he writes a book, they will see to it that several hundred thousand copies are sold to right wing groups. Voila! A couple of years of this dirty dealing, and he's a millionaire with a nice summer house on Nantucket. Not everyone gives in to this bribery, but plenty of people think it's a great deal.

But take one step out of line, speak the truth once after decades of toeing the line, and you're out on the street, buddy.

Update: This just in, from wingnut Dan Riehl: "Frum: Just One More Job Lost Thanks To Obama"

Yes, it's Obama's fault that Frum was fired from his right wing lie factory job for telling the truth once in ten years. Green Eagle is always harping on the inability of conservatives to take a shred of responsibility for anything. Well, here's a perfect example.

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