Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Note on Health

It's time for us to focus on this truth. Here are the bottom seventeen states in health (this list from Forbes:)

34 Alaska
35 Indiana
36 Florida
37 North Carolina
38 Missouri
39 Texas
40 Arkansas
41 Kentucky
42 West Virginia
43 Georgia
44 Tennessee
45 Nevada
46 South Carolina
47 Louisiana
48 Alabama
49 Oklahoma
50 Mississippi

Notice anything about this list?

If you need help figuring it out, here is a map of red states and blue states, with these states marked with an X:

Blue States 0
Leaning blue 2
Leaning red 8
Red States 7

Just to add insult to injury, except for Texas and Nevada, all of these states are net tax receivers from the federal government. Yes, fellow blue state residents, as I have pointed out before, we are paying to keep these neanderthals afloat economically, while they do everything they can to see to it that the United States is the worst country it can possibly be.

And think how much better off we would have been if we'd just let the rotten Confederate third world states fend for themselves, in a world where their hatred and their greed would be of no use to them at all.


TRUTH 101 said...

That is a huge problem the political hack in me has always had. Why reward our enemies? They ain't going to vote for our guys. Screw em. They want less government? Here you go shitheads.

Green Eagle said...

Right on, brother. They laugh at our budget deficit out here in California, but the money California taxpayers contribute each year to keep their economies afloat is over twice our budget gap. If they weren't robbing us blind we would be just fine.

And by the way, please notice a prominent very large state in the far nortwest that is right in there with the rest of them, despite the big talk of their ex-governor.

Anonymous said...

One quick nit to pick: You have an "X" on Virginia, but not North Carolina; the textual enumeration indicates the opposite.