Monday, March 29, 2010

A Little Note about Right Wing Victimhood

It figures. A bunch of right wing idiots are arrested for planning to kill policemen and already the wingnut blogs are filled with talks about Waco and Ruby Ridge.

I'm not going to waste time going over the clear facts about these two events. Let me just state the plain truth:

Ruby Ridge is about a bunch of dicks that shot at federal agents and got more than they bargained for. Which is what anyone who shoots at a federal agent trying to serve a legal warrant should get.

Waco was a government mistake. You know what the mistake was? Being unable to believe that a bunch of people who called themselves religious would burn their children to death before they would come out to answer charges for a relatively minor crime. Sad to say, we know better now.

Both of these incidents were the result of a combination of stupidity, viciousness, and a steady diet of right wing lies and hatred. You might as well get ready for more of this sort of thing. The political right has moved so far downward since the early nineties that we will be lucky if that's as bad as it gets.

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