Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Reason We Don't Need Blanche Lincoln

She's joined with a right wing Republican Senator to try to give the hyper-rich another big payday, by cutting estate taxes, one of the conservatives' favorite bogus issues:

"The legislation pushed by Kyl and Lincoln, exempting $10 million per couple from taxation, would affect 3,030 taxpayers this year"

That is one person out of 10,000 in the U. S. population, or one hundredth of one percent, which I am going to smugly point out is the percentage of the American people which I have always said the Republican party exists to serve. The other 9,999 of you? Well, you're just flat out of luck, buddy.

And Blanche Lincoln is right in there with them. The Democrats don't need her, the Senate doesn't need her and the American people (okay, except for that one in 10,000) sure as hell don't need her.

Blanche has an opponent in the primary, a real Democrat named Bill Halter. I sent him a little money, and maybe you could too. Here is his website. It's about time that these self-serving leeches paid a price for abandoning the American people.

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Big-mouth Bass said...

I like this. I'll send him a few $$$ (can't afford more since my sport-fishing job was outsourced by big business.)