Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surprise, Surprise

From ABC News:

"All 41 Republican Senators vowed in a letter today to do everything in their power to kill Democrats' health care legislation and vote en bloc against procedural motions Democrats want to use to fix the health reform bill passed Christmas Eve by the Senate."

Who could have ever guessed that it would come to this?*

Well, Barack, I hope you are pleased with the immense amount of time and political capital your administration expended over the last year, in the expectation that "moderate" Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins could be induced to break with crazy right wing dogma, and do the right thing.

I repeat once again, there are no honest Republicans, there are no decent Republicans, there are no Republicans that give a God damn about our country. They are corrupt-every single one of them- and happy to be that way. They are destroying us while people from the press to the Obama administration to Harry Reid to the corrupt blue dogs pretend not to notice.

In the end it is refusing to face this reality that is Obama's real failing so far as a President. It is, in its way, not dissimilar from what Roosevelt tried to do in his first two years. Roosevelt figured it out. Let's hope Obama does too.

*I mean, other than everyone on the left blogosphere, and anyone else who could see.

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