Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We've Still Got Him to Kick Around

From ABC News:

"Bunning’s obstruction, however, continues on another front: Democrats say he has put a hold on all pending presidential nominations, effectively blocking “several dozen” of President Obama’s nominations.

As you may recall, Senator Richard Shelby moved to block all nominations last month, but eventually relented in the face intense pressure from fellow Republicans."

Relented in this case, meaning continuing as long as possible with this jackass behavior, until the dormant press finally stirred to life and began to report some stories mildly critical of the infantile behavior of Senate Republicans.

Now, they have Bunning, a man who will not run for reelection, doing their dirty work. Does anyone on earth really believe he is doing this without the tacit approval of all of the rest of the Republican party? This is the way they work now. There is not a shred of honesty or decency left in any of them. They will continue doing whatever they can to advance the welfare of corporations and the rich, no matter what the cost, and no matter how degraded their behavior is.

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