Thursday, March 11, 2010



"I actually think the day bipartisanship died was the day Barack Obama won the election."

Digby, I can't believe that I've found an issue where I am more cynical than you. The day bipartisanship died was at least back there in the 1920's, when Republicans decided that cutting the top tax rate by two thirds and doing away with all financial regulation were just dandy ideas. Nothing has changed since. "Bipartisanship" is a Frankenstein monster which lies moldering in the grave when Republicans are in control, and is dug up, hit with some wingnut lightning and left to ravage the country when Democrats succeed in getting themselves elected.

So-called bipartisanship is just one more club that the Republicans use, with the willing collaboration of the mainstream press, to try to prevent Dems from addressing the country's problems- problems which, for nearly a century have largely been caused by the Republican party's absolute determination to transfer all of our wealth to the hyper rich.

Addendum: This, from Media Matters:

"On March 10, 2010, ten Republican congressional leaders released a joint statement announcing their intention to ban earmarks because they have "become a symbol of a broken Washington." Yet despite their new found disdain for the earmarking process, those same ten Republican leaders have requested over $240 million in earmarks since 2008."

Exactly the same thing- absolutely perfect for Republicans, proof that you are a Communist terrorist if you are a Democrat and do it. And no one in the mainstream press (with the possible exception of Keith, Rachel and Ed) will have one word to say about this; so the Republicans get to keep on doing it.

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