Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Five Stages of Grief- Conservative Style

Denial- We're going to whip your asses in November, and then watch us take that insurance away from all those kids and sick people, who hate you for giving them medical care.

Anger- You filthy Muslim commie bastard, we're coming for you and we've got guns! Or at least bricks to throw through your window. Well, at least a really angry e-mail.

Bargaining- Please God, you strike them dead, so I don't have to leave my computer room. That way, I can sit here and really tell them what patriotism is all about.

Depression- Oh no, Democratic Fascists have destroyed our wonderful country. It's all over now. Just like they did before when they passed social security and medicare and most of all when they did away with slavery.

Acceptance- Hey, I kind of like not having to worry about what will happen if I get sick. I'm sure glad the Republicans fought so hard to pass this bill.

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