Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Birther Lies Escalate

I guess I had better deal with this, as we are bound to be hearing about it in days (and for all I know, years) to come.

“My name is Chanise Foxx. I work at a office supply store in Kenwood, IL. After nearly 3 years of silence and death threats to me and my family to stay quiet, I am compelled to come forward and tell the world my secret.
“I helped Obama campaign staffer Divorah Adler create a fake birth certificate for use in the famous Fact Check story to prove the world of Obama’s birth in the 2008 election. Divorah approached me in early 2007 and held onto the birth certificate until she released it in August 2008."

Do I need to remind you that the Republican governor of Hawaii and the head of their records department both examined the vault copy of Obama's birth certificate, and both certified that Obama was (of course) born in Hawaii? The lies never stop.

The wingnuts are already claiming that this post led to Free Republic being shut down for hours, and the post disappearing, actions which we are presumably expected to believe were carried out by Obama.

And do I even need to comment on the likelihood that the Obama campaign would have approached some random person in an office supply store, to help forge such a document?

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