Sunday, March 28, 2010

Confederate-Americans want Equality. No, Really

Just to continue with the theme of the post below, here is a story about what is quite possibly the stupidest lawsuit in recorded human history, filed by the "Southern Legal Resource Center."

"Current Cases

National Origin for Confederate Southern Americans

Don Curtis Terrill, an employee at the US Department of Labor, wanted to participate in a 1998 government sponsored "Diversity Day" celebration by entering a booth celebrating his heritage as a Confederate American. The Department of Labor responded by saying that there was no such thing as a "Confederate American." Mr. Terrill filed an EEOC complaint charging national origin discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. National origin is defined by the EEOC as the PLACE where your ancestors came from. Mr. Terrill's Ancestors came from the Confederate States of Virginia, Georgia and Texas - places, which. at the time, were not part of the United States.

Our litigation sought to expand the interpretation of "National Origin," to broaden its protection (EEOC states that National Origin is to be interpreted broadly). The institutional federal bias against civil rights for Confederate Southern Americans will probably take years to overcome. Mr. Terrill started this historic progression in 1998. We will not stop until Confederate Southern Americans are afforded the civil rights afforded other Americans - even if it takes 60 years!"

I can't wait for the companion lawsuit demanding civil rights for Nazis, based on the premise that their ancestors once lived in the Third Reich.

And believe me, I only bookmarked their site because I was afraid everyone would think I must have made this one up.

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