Friday, March 12, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

Here we go, with the usual compendium of lies:

Stanley Fish, New York Times: "I know you’re not supposed to, but I just love to say I told you so. What I told you back on Sept. 28, 2008, was that within a year of the day he left office George W. Bush would come to be regarded with affection and a little nostalgia."

Yeah, Stanley, you told us. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, so you are resorting to that time-honored conservative tactic and just lying- claiming it did happen. Don't waste your time. No one is fooled.

Michelle Bachmann: "..with everything within us we need to literally start banging garbage lids together to create enough noise..."

You do that, Michelle. Get out on the street and literally bang garbage lids together. Really, it wouldn't be any more stupid and annoying than anything else you ever do.

Thomas Sowell, Town Hall: "Artificial Stupidity"

Apparently something the Democrats create. The Republicans don't need to resort to artificial stupidity, as they have cornered the world's supply of the real thing.

Toby Harnden, Daily Telegraph: "Beyond the grand announcements, fine speeches and his eager acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr Obama has yet to achieve anything of substance."

Except end the Republican depression and turn around the era when our allies hated us. Except for that, he hasn't done much, I guess.

Scott Wheeler, Town Hall: "Obama Stimulating a Marxist Revolution Using Taxpayer Money"

Grow up, Scott. How stupid do you think people are? By the way, it's you guys who may be stimulating a Marxist revolution, by doing everything you can to make Marx look totally accurate about capitalism.

Now, how is Obama stimulating a Marxist revolution? Here's his explanation:

"The controversial stimulus bill, as ARRA is better known, provided funds for the New York State Council on the Arts"

The New York State Council on the Arts. Oh, right. Marxist to the core.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "On Monday, leftist Today Show host Matt Lauer interviewed Karl Rove and pushed the leftist line that George Bush lied America into the Iraq War; that Bush made up the weapons of mass destruction charges against Saddam Hussein."


Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Confirmed: Marco Rubio turned down the salon back wax."

So glad you guys aren't missing the important news.

Newsmax: "Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Believe Nation 'Less Safe' Under Obama"

Funny that you didn't put it this way: "Over half of Americans believe nation as safe or more safe under Obama."

Here's an interesting finding from this study:

"The “much less safe” response was chosen by 73 percent of Republicans...Only 5 percent of Democrats think the U.S. is “much less safe"

That's the difference between living on this planet and that other one that wingnuts live on.

Chris Adamo, Renew America: "Wake up America! Democrats hate "democracy"

Well, Republicans hate the "republic," so I guess we're even.

Joseph Smith, American Thinker: "A glimpse into our Kafkaesque future under Obamacare"

What, Obama is going to turn us all into giant cockroaches? I guess we really should have voted for Palin.

Jeannie DeAngelis, American Thinker: "A health care reform lesson in the problems with Toyota's Prius...The Toyota Prius was sold to America in the same way health care reform is presently being peddled by Barack Obama"

No, Jeannie. Toyotas were sold to America by irresponsible private enterprise, just like our current health care system. The government is attempting to deal with Toyota's problem, just like it is trying to deal with crooked private-sector insurance companies.

I am sure you appreciate the difference, now that I have explained it to you.

John Peeples, American Thinker: "Why does the MSM distinguish between 'liberal' and 'black?'

Good point there, John...Wait a minute, now...what about the Jews? I thought all 'liberals' were 'Jews.' Maybe that's why the MSM distinguishes between liberals and blacks- because some liberals are blacks and the rest are Jews. There, now it all makes sense, right?

And a final treat, for those who enjoy learning about the latest developments in science:

Henry Makow: "Archeological Finds Disprove Darwinism...Humans Inhabited Earth for Millions of Years- Masons Try to Suppress Evidence"

I just knew it was the masons. Damn them for hiding the truth.


magpie said...

Humans and their ancestors HAVE inhabited the Earth for millions of years. That is the point of Darwinism.

Ah.. I looked at the site now (what a loserville...)... "anatomically modern" humans. And "metal objects of advanced design" .

Wow. Who knew the Toyota Prius was being made millions of years ago?

And from another post: "Women are women, no matter where they were born."... well okay I concur with that... "Yes they have another culture but they are all the same."... what?... "They all look for a man who can provide for them and their children." ...oh good grief...

Green Eagle said...

I know, what a wacko, huh?

There's a reason I occasionally print things like this. I have been following the right for forty years or so, and things that, a few decades ago, seemed just as preposterous as this have now become acceptable Republican doctrine. I really fear for what people in a couple more decades will be willing to accept, at least the ones blinded by greed and hatred like the Republican base.