Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember that Bush Guy and his buddy Rove?

Here is a brilliant post by Driftglass at Crooks and liars:

"Will Tom Brokaw take down Karl Rove?"

This post contains one of the best descriptions of the Bush administration that I have ever seen. A small sample:

"And, like Nixon, it is more than likely that not a single one of the smirking traitors who nearly wrecked this country will ever spend a day in jail.

Instead they remain lodged in our flesh like so many ricin pellets, oozing their poison into our national bloodstream, waddle from one fawning audience to another, worming their way into major media outlets, or dispatching their degenerate children and underlings out into the world the keep their poison pumping."

Go read the whole thing. It's great. And it will remind you what an abomination it is when these people direct their baseless, lying smears at Obama and the Democrats.

Sad to say, I am willing to bet actual money that Tom Brokaw will not take down Karl Rove, and that the filthy scum will emerge to continue spreading his venom.


magpie said...

An interesting comment I read on the Baltimore Sun forum as to why Rove will not be taken down:

"a coward to his heart who would betray his own mother if it came down to it. If this guy gets hauled into court and starts feeling that he could actually do time, he will take down everyone from Bush to the Bush's dog. Think about it....this weasel with no spine would sell out everyone.."

Green Eagle said...

I have always said that Rove's alleged "political genius" consisted in one thing and one thing only: he is willing to do things that no other person would stoop to.

It is like calling a mugger a genius because he saw a little old lady on the street and unlike all of the other passersby, only he thought of the brilliant strategy of stealing her purse.