Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The GOP Strikes Back

I can't resist posting this picture of a Republican press conference this morning, which comes from AP, and I have already seen on a couple of other websites:

I guess people just don't really care that much about their belligerent posturing over the health care bill. Who could have ever thought that Americans would actually not rise up in fury, demanding vengeance because the Democrats gave them health insurance protection?


tnlib said...

What a scream.

mastercynic said...

The media will play up the "outrage" (this morning I heard there were 30,000 protesters at the capital yesterday - I doubt if there were 300) and the right will ratchet up their fear-mongering lies until something else draws their attention... say and all out assault on Wall St. and the criminals who run the casino.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Love it. This is what is real--not the overinflated noise and outrage that a few hundred people are hired to create.

Suppose they gave a press conference and nobody came?


tnlib said...

This is so delightful I posted it on my blog with a link to you and a strong recommendation that if people haven't visited here they're missing out.

After the past year we need as many smiles as we can get. I'm sure the GOP will claim the Dems bought off the leftist media.

Talk about being frozen out!