Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

Yeah, they're still out there, barking at the moon as usual. Someone throw a shoe, please.

Nathan Tabor, Town Hall: "We Are Not Ashamed"

Of course not. You should be, but you're not. That's what makes you conservatives.

Bruce Bialosky, Town Hall: "Bank Reform We Can All Agree On"

What would that be? Not breaking up banks that are "too big to fail," no, and not preventing banks from making insane investments so their traders can make big up front profits. No, that would be wrong. Instead, let's blame it all on the Community Reinvestment Act. That's the ticket- it's all the Democrats' fault for making banks act fairly to you-know-who.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Kiss of Death… Obama Picks US Hockey Team Over Canada; Team USA Loses in OT"

What would you have had to say if he had picked Canada, you disingenuous tool?

News Items from Newsmax: "Paterson Declares He'll Use Authority to Govern"

Oh oh, a Democrat using his authority to govern. Call out the militias!

"Coburn: Dems Use 'Deals' to Push Healthcare"

Politicians using 'deals' to get legislation passed. This has never happened before! What is happening to our nation?

Linda Kimball, Renew America: "Progressive liberalism's obscene obsession with sex: its sinister purposes"

Yeah, all those liberal politicans and leaders getting caught in airport restrooms trying to pick up strangers, and hitting on congressional pages, and having sex on meth with a gay hooker, and running off to South America on State money to screw someone...Oh, wait a minute...forget that I brought that up.

Aaron Klein, World Net Daily: "The White House is considering a new policy that would give an advantage in bids for billions in government contracts to companies that pay workers "living wages" and offer generous benefits. Critics warn plan will 'sneak socialism' into U.S"

Yeah, because if workers are not near starvation at all times, how can we have capitalism? I guess the guy has a point there.


Turn your God damned caps lock off already. It's making you look like a psychotic. And as for what you have to say, grow up. None of us is going to hurt Glenn Beck- we like gay people.

Erick Erickson, Red State: "Why does Harry Reid hate the unemployed so much that he’d hold them hostage?"

What, like by not instantly giving in to any insane jackass idea that the Republicans come up with? Right, Harry, just give the whole damned country to the Republicans, instead of the 95% they own already. Then, they will fall all over themselves to help people who are out of work because their bosses sent their jobs overseas.

Ruben Navarette, Pajamas Media: "Will Obama Still Be Blaming Bush in 2012? Bet on It"

And he'd better be, because it was Bush's fault. Bush and all you other greedy conservative bastards. Remember Hoover? It's eighty years later and we haven't even stopped blaming him yet. You know why? Because it was his fault. Same with Bush. So, Ruben, come back in a couple of hundred years. Maybe by then people will have forgotten what Bush and Cheney did to our country.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "HERO REPUBLICAN BUNNING Again Blocks Irresponsible Dem Spending...At least there’s ONE REPUBLICAN who is willing to stand up to the out of control radicals in Washington DC…"

By impoverishing millions of people. Great hero you've got there, Jim.

World Net Daily: "Warning: How Team Obama plans to steal 2010 election"
"Universal voter registration: Now being secretly prepared by at least two prominent members of Congress
A subversive, Soros-backed group called the Secretary of State Project is gearing up to steal the 2012 election for Obama and congressional Democrats by installing left-wing Democrats as secretaries of state across the nation, from which posts they can help tilt the electoral playing field."

So here's the plot: Number one, they register a lot of voters. Number two, they work to elect a lot of Secretaries of State. What a bunch of criminals. Why not do it the Republican way, by collaborating with our enemies like Reagan, or by having a bunch of corrupt Supreme Court justices put you in there, like Bush? That worked out so much better.

Victoria Toensing, Wall Street Journal: "Ronald Reagan's policy of trying terrorists in civilian courts is not applicable post 9/11."

Of course not. Reagan was a Republican. Obama is a Democrat. What, you still don't understand how things work?


magpie said...

I've read the rest of Toensing's article.

She reasons that some evidence will be inadmissible because there was no warrant in the civilian police sense when they captured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Pakistan.

She has some interesting arguments.

She loses me at the point where she says "If he is instead tried under the Military Commission Act, prosecutors will be able to use both physical evidence from his apprehension as well statements made without Miranda warnings. Hearsay evidence will also be easier for the prosecution to use."

I thought hearsay and evidence were mutually exclusive.

Just sayin'....

I've been told by a nut in Michigan that Obama is the anti-Christ.
I take it that this too is 'just' hearsay.

Green Eagle said...

The constitution of the U.S. (about which right winger enjoy waxing poetic) states about criminal defendants:

"...nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law...In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury..."

There is certainly no greater form of being compelled to be a witness against yourself than torture. Holding these defendants for years without charges has long since denied them liberty anddestroyed their right to a speedy trial.

For these reasons, I believe that any honest Federal judge MUST free them all; if they later perpetrate acts of violence against this country there will be no one to blame but Bush and Cheney, who savaged the constitution to hold these people without charges all of these years, and produced virtually no viable cases against them to show for it.