Friday, March 5, 2010

A Delusion about Broder

If you read blogs today, you will have seen a number of approving stories along the lines of this one, from Crooks and Liars

"David Broder blasts his own paper over its obsequious pro-Rahm coverage"

These people all understand that any expectation among Dems that they will ever see decency from Republicans is delusional. Yet somehow they are all excited that David Broder, one of the grand champion Republican butt kissers of Washington has finally seen fit to criticize this kind of behavior.

When it favors a Democrat.

Oh, yes. David Broder backed the worst president in history and his criminal vice president for eight solid years. Oh yes, David Broder and dozens like him covered for their every fault, and twisted everything to try to make them look good.

Well, now someone at his paper had the colossal bad judgment to give favorable treatment to a DEMOCRAT! Now, all of a sudden, it dawns on this jerk that maybe reporting should be a little more unbiased.

Where was his similar criticism of the press' adulation of the worm, Karl Rove? Where was a second of critical treatment of John McCain? But no, how dare the Washington Post have anything good to say about a Democrat?

And these people fall for it. Some of them are as blind as Harry Reid.

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