Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Miserable Manipulation of Religion

I would like to cite as a classic example of Republican hatemongering, the following article from the widely read conservative website Town Hall, by one Maggie Gallagher, a regular contributor:

"Should It Be Illegal to Be a Jew in Massachusetts?

New legislation now being proposed in the Massachusetts state legislature to ban circumcision of any male children, including Jewish children, comes very close to saying, "Yes, it should be a crime." Circumcision of infant males has been a requirement of Jewish faith and identity since the time of Abraham."

Now, the truth of this story, not in any way mentioned by Ms. Gallagher:

"The “Massachusetts State Prohibition of Genital Mutilation Act” was filed on January 14th, 2009 by a private citizen, Charles A. Antonnelli. The act would impose a fine and/or up to 14 years in prison on anyone who violates this ban.

Mr Antonelli is the Massachusetts director of a group working to ban what it calls “male genital mutilation.” He has been petitioning the ban on circumcision for four years now, albeit unsuccessful.

The bill is presented by Democratic State Senator Michael W. Morrissey by request, on behalf of his constituent. Massachusetts State law requires any Senator to file anything a constituent requests.

This bill does not seem to have the support of anyone in the Massachusetts legislator and has no sponsors.

Antonelli petitioned Massachusetts legislative many times now, but the bill has never passed committee."

So, the act of one lunatic, without a shred of legislative support, becomes a government assault on freedom of religion. Thus, the myth of the victimization of Christians is stoked.

As you might expect, given her last name, Ms. Gallagher is not Jewish but Catholic. Interestingly, you have now read every word in the entire article about Jews. The rest of it is entirely devoted to railing against gay marriage, and manufacturing other alleged government abuses against the Catholic church. It ends with the following statement:

"They want the right to use government to brand traditional Christianity as bigoted and discriminatory."

I wonder if it ever occurred to Ms. Gallagher that Jews might resent being used as fodder in her irrational crusade?


Infidel753 said...

Maggie Gallagher is America's leading anti-gay-marriage crusader. It's her big mission in life. There's probably no issue she wouldn't divert onto that subject -- even if she has to make one up.

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