Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mob Violence

Via Digby, Eric Boehlert asks this question in a well worth reading column today:

"It's a chilling prospect, but one that seems more and more plausible: What if Fox News actually wants mob violence?"

What if? What if all of them on the right want mob violence? You know, it's worked for them before:

The Sturmabteilung were nothing but a mob, whose violence became so unsettling that it led the senile President Hindenberg to make Hitler Reichschancellor in the vain hope that it would stop his terrorism. This was one of the worst political miscalculations in history, and we should learn from it that we cannot give this kind of behavior any latitude whatsoever.

I know that there are a thousand right wing websites out there calling liberals brownshirts and Nazis. There is only one difference between them and me: As usual, as a liberal, I am telling the truth. They are just telling one more fascist-enabling lie. If you think those Hutaree morons are as bad as it can get, you'd better think again. There are plenty of these sociopathic maniacs out there who are not terminally incompetent as a result of apparent inbreeding.

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