Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wingnut Wrapup

As Atrios would say, "Teh Stupid! It Burns!"

Rich Galen, Town Hall: "Obama in the Bunker"

Thanks, Rich, for this new creative way to compare Obama to Hitler. And just when we were getting bored with the Obama-Hitler thing.

Mike Adams, Town Hall: "Who Knows Anything Anyway?"

Not you guys, that's for sure.

Steve Chapman, Town Hall: "Not long ago, Barack Obama was pilloried for being too activist, too meddlesome and too inclined to see himself as the messiah...But that was a different guy, from a parallel universe. The President Obama we all know is a passive, detached do-nothing."

Because no matter what he does, no matter how he acts, you guys are going to attack him incessantly, without a thought about how much harm you are doing. And thanks for that patriotic contribution to our country's welfare.

Erick (Rhymes with you-know-what) Erickson, Red State: "Yet Again the NRA Sells Out Freedom to the Democrats"

Now even the NRA is too liberal? How can you guys say things like this without immediately exploding?

Confederate Yankee: "How Should We Treat a President That Pathologically Lies?"

I don't know- you had eight years to figure it out- maybe you should think about this important question, so the next time the country is stupid enough to elect a Republican, you will be ready.

Sher Zieve, Renew America: "Obama & co steps up USA destruction before November elections"

Just to let you know.

World Net Daily: " WASHINGTON – A bizarre and baffling condition has seized American society and is spreading in pandemic proportions. But no one dare utter its name because this sickness is rooted in the most vulgar of four-letter words: race.

So charges a new book by author Erik Rush, who doesn't refrain from using the new N-word – Negrophilia – "undue and inordinate affinity for blacks," to describe the mindset that he says is behind a pervasive manipulation expertly employed and exploited to divide and destroy American society. "

Negrophilia. Because if you actually like black people, you are destroying America. White crackers' America, any way. And as far as I'm concerned the sooner the better.

Of course, don't you dare call them racists, just because they are smearing anyone who likes black people.

James Lewis, American Thinker: "The Gaza Flotilla Ambush: What Did the White House Know? What did the White House know and when did it know it? That's what I am wondering."

Yeah, that's what you are wondering. Why you are wondering- that's what we are wondering. What kind of ludicrous phony scandal are you trying to rake up now?

Anthony W. Hager, American Thinker: "Bartering for healthcare isn't as crazy as it sounds"

Yes it is.

Confederate Yankee: "Arizona Seeks to Pass Law Denying Citizenship to Illegal's "Anchor Babies" Quite frankly, it makes perfect sense."

Perfect sense to anyone who thinks a state legislature can revoke a part of the constitution.

Frank J. Fleming, Pajamas Media: "This whole oil spill mess just sort of highlights the fact that Obama has no idea what a president is supposed to do."

It does? What is he supposed to do, start a war, or torture some people, or maybe use this disaster to justify more tax cuts for the rich?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Will Obama force BP to pay the salaries of the unemployed oil workers who are out of work due to the president’s reckless decision? If he does, BP should refuse. It’s not their fault the oil workers are sitting at home and that oil rigs are being transferred to Brazil. It’s Obama’s."

Oh, of course it's not BP's fault. None of it is BP's fault, apparently. It's all Obama's fault. He is totally responsible for the explosion of this oil rig. Everybody knows that he personally engineered it, and then hired Halliburton to do the work.

You want to blame this on a president? Then blame Bush and Cheney, who were responsible for creating the environment of zero regulations or controls on their fellow oil executives.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit: "Nearly 2/3’s of Israelis Dissatisfied With Obama’s Response to Gaza Terror Flotilla"

Jim, how can I explain this to you in simple terms that you will understand? They're Jews. Two thirds of them disagree with everything.

Alan Caruba, Renew America: "Awaiting Armageddon...Commentator, J.D. Longstreet summed up the threat. "I am not optimistic that hatred of the Jews will end, or even lessen any time soon. In fact, I expect it to get much, much, worse and eventually lead the nations of the world to a place known as the Megiddo Valley and the final battle known as the Battle of Armageddon."

Here is classic right wing reasoning. If only our government would base its decision making on thinking like this, just imagine how much better off we would be.

Larry Anderson, American Thinker: "Some Advice for the Tea Party: Take Your Time and Learn from Your Mistakes"

Fat chance.

Mary Grabar, American Thinker: "Not many people will see Arkansas as a fortress against the barbarism that is threatening to bring this nation down."

I've got to agree with you there, Mary. Most people will see Arkansas as one of the primary sources of the barbarism that is threatening to bring this nation down. And they would be right.

Dan Riehl, Riehl World View: "With top oil company executives waiting to testify at a House hearing, Rep. Henry Waxman asserted that the companies’ spill response plans amounted to “paper exercises” that mirrored BP’s failed plan. Their strategies to plug a spill deep beneath the sea are the same failed strategies that have stymied BP, the California Democrat said. Waxman is a monster, as well as a thug."

Only monsters and thugs tell the truth. Only monsters and thugs come up with the loathsome notion of holding foreign corporations responsible for damage caused by their negligence. That's the teabagger view, anyway.

Dan Riehl, Riehl World View: "Disturbing and mesmerizing whispering that the Oval Office is the scene of stormy and romantic melodrama between POTUS and his most senior and trusted advisers. Whispering that POTUS is sleeping poorly and is much aggrieved at slights, shortfalls, interruptions. Whispering that POTUS is vulnerable to jet lag. That POTUS hesitates to heed his advisers, because POTUS frets that he is being sand-bagged by experts, allies, confidantes. That POTUS evidences a Nixonian persecution mania. Can any of this be confirmed? Not easily."

Can any of this be confirmed? To be blunt, not one shred of it can be confirmed. But that didn't stop you from printing it, did it, Dan? Good work there- Republican journalism at its finest!

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