Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama Gets Money from BP: A Vicious Crime!

Barack Obama recently pulled off an immense coup by forcing BP into posting a $20 billion dollar escrow account to begin to pay for the damage it caused in the gulf. This is one of the most stunning examples of the use of the presidency that we have seen in decades- well, a stunning example of positive use of presidential power. Look at Iraq and the Republican economy if you want to be really stunned.

I just wanted to document a small part of the gracious response from the other side of the aisle:

Town Hall: "Another problem with Obama's address was his arrogant announcement that he would inform BP's CEO "that he is to set aside" an asset amount ($20 billion) for the government-run escrow fund to pay for the spill damages. Trouble is, there are no laws to permit our government to force such financial retribution. "

"Arrogant" apparently being when a Democrat actually shows leadership, or does something that works.

David "My Brother Made Me Do It" Limbaugh: "Obama's Latest Shakedown...President Obama's oil spill speech revealed, once again, how stunningly shameless he is. This relentless ideologue is not even marginally competent at masking his ongoing crusade to apply a wrecking ball to every sector of our economy... Obama's bullying should not deflect our attention from another culprit here: environmental extremists. Flanked by Attorney General Eric Holder, who has threatened criminal action against BP, he shook down BP into forking over a $20 billion installment to defer the government's further wrath. BP is but another prop ."

So Obama is wrecking the economy by seeing to it that American taxpayers aren't left with the bill for corporate malfeasance. I see. And it's really all the environmentalists' fault, so it makes perfect sense that we should let BP off the hook. God, this guy is a bigger liar than his brother.

Erick Erickson, Red State: "Let’s be honest. The White House meeting with British Petroleum was a shakedown. And keeping with the honesty, let’s also admit the Congressional hearing was a show trial. The only thing separating it from a Soviet show trial is Tony Hayward, the CEO of British Petroleum walked out without any lead in him."

Well, there were a couple of other things that separate these hearings from a Soviet show trial: First of all, the hearings weren't a trial, and second, BP actually did what it was charged with. Other than that, no difference. Funny that Democratic congressional hearings are indistinguishable from Stalinism, huh?

Donald Douglas, Pajamas Media: "No Leadership, No Solutions, No Clue: Obama Speech Resurrects Jimmy Carter Era"

No solutions except that $20 billion. And no leadership- well, I have to admit that he didn't have the spectacular idea of sending an aircraft carrier down there and flying in wearing a codpiece, but that sort of spectacular Presidential behavior is really the province of Republicans.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America: "Yesterday, Rep. Joe Barton described what President Obama did to BP this week — forcing them to cough up $20 billion as a starter set on an escrow fund — as a "shakedown." He was right...He wound up confiscating $20 billion from a private country through nothing more than raw, political pressure."

Yup. That's called leadership. Bryan continues:

"But what the president did is not what the leader of a republican form of government does. This is what dictators do. This was the voice of a fascist, not the leader of the free world."

Well, it's sure not what the leader of a Republican government would do. That would be to see to it that BP paid nothing, and working Americans picked up the entire tab. That's what a Republican would do. Making the malefactors pay, even though they are rich- that's fascism.

CNS News: "Bachmann: Obama Exceeding Constitutional Authority in Ordering BP to Surrender Funds--'It's All About Extortion"

Extortion. Because leadership by a Democrat is a crime. Helping the American people instead of multinational corporations is a dereliction of Presidential duty.

Chuck Baldwin, Renew America: "Masculine leadership needed now more than ever"

You guys don't actually seem to like it that much when you get it, Chuck.

J. Robert Smith, American Thinker: "But what Mr. Hayward and his executive team are discovering is that all their dollars dumped into Democratic coffers... aren't keeping the company from being whipped mercilessly by Mr. Obama or the grandstanding libs in Congress."

OH MY GOD!!! The indecency of it all! BP gave money to Obama, and when they caused a catastrophe, he didn't even roll over and do everything he could to let them get off scot free! Well, we all know that would never happen with a Republican president.

Robert Eugene Simmons, American Thinker: "History is replete with incidents of real popular anger leading to monstrous outcomes of tyranny. On Thursday, June 17th the USA wrote a new anecdote in that awful book. "

Monstrous tyranny- Making the rich pay for their damage. Look it up.


Right on, guys! That makes SOOOO much sense. Thanks for the well thought out suggestion.

Boy, Barack (or any Dem) can't win, huh? One of the greatest examples of pure Presidential power, for the good of the American people, and he gets called an extortionist, a fascist, a Stalinist, a shakedown artist, a tyrant.

I saw a survey of foreign countries the other day that showed that Obama's handling of the oil spill is approved by people all over the world by about three to one. But not here. I guess over there he doesn't have these savage Republican liars spreading smears about everything he does, huh? What a way to run a country.


Poll P. said...

Changing the laws on media ownership should be our #1 priority.

Green Eagle said...

That, and taking away the "right" of people to spend endless billions deluding the American people about who to vote for.