Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Jersey Terrorists Turn Out To Be Pathetic Teenagers

Here is a very good article from Talking Points Memo about the two teenagers caught in New Jersey trying to go to Somalia to join the Jihad against America.

This article relates these two to other outbreaks of teenage rebellion over the decades. I'd like to add my observation that, whenever a nest of juvenile "satanists" is uncovered, they are almost invariably the children of evangelical Christians.

These alienated kids pick whatever they think is most frightening and abominable to their parents, as the best way to get back at them; their particular choice, be it satanist, neo-nazi, belligerent rapper or would-be Islamic terrorist. That doesn't mean that, with the right assistance, they couldn't do something truly horrible; but it would be wise not to draw too many conclusions from their behavior.


Poll P. said...

Having lived through the teenage years of a couple of talented kids, I agree.

magpie said...

"They lifted weights, bought military-style pants and water bottles, played violent video games"

What games? Duke Nukem?

Bet they'd come back home pretty quick when they discovered fundamentalist Islamic states are not big on MTV, porn and pizza.

Green Eagle said...

And yet, Magpie, they represent the greatest threat to our way of life since Hitler. Teens these days. Boy, no one in America was into Jihad when I was young. We were too busy killing gooks over there in Veet Nam. But that's when men were men. It's a lot harder to kill brown people in the jungle than out there in the open desert, where you can just blow them to smithereens from the safety of your M1A1 tank.