Tuesday, June 29, 2010

God, the Washington Post is Pathetic

The Washington Post's Ombudsman's response to the firing of Dave Weigel, about which I have posted:

"Weigel bears responsibility for sarcastic and scornful comments he made in e-mails leaked from a supposedly private listserv called “Journolist"...The e-mails made negative comments about Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, among others."

God in heaven above, what does "neutral" mean to people like this, other than ignoring the obvious truth that these conservative figures are corrupt, lying monsters?

"Weigel’s blog seemed to confuse many conservatives who contacted me. Was he supposed to be a neutral reporter, some wondered? Others complained that he was a liberal trying to write about conservatives he disdained."

First, if you don't disdain these figures, you are an idiot. Second, is it now an established rule that liberals are not allowed to write about conservatives? I haven't noticed the Washington Post show any concern over the years about printing endless lying conservative attacks on liberals. I guess that's okay. It just isn't journalism, I guess, to point out the clear, unmistakable truth about Republicans.

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