Friday, June 25, 2010

Equal Time Hour

Green Eagle would not like to be accused of just reporting one side of the news, or only one opinion about world events, so in the spirit of fairness and toleration, he brings you this tidbit from a right wing website entitled the Vanguard News Service:

There! I am sure that conservatives everywhere will be pleased to see that their viewpoint is being presented on this Blog, which is run by one of the fairest-minded parrots you will ever meet.


magpie said...

I followed this back to its source and read the comments...

Apparently you can be a right wing arsehole and still be a Trekkie. One writes:

"The Jews are like the Borg (Star Trek)…they are a collective and operate in strange & frightening ways. Though they are sometimes at odds with one another, they work towards survival for themselves & destruction (or at best; forms of slavery) for those who oppose (or don’t openly worship) them."


I assume I'm married to a Klingon.

mastercynic said...

So the guy in the drawing was just assimilated?

magpie said...

Well they were all in on it, working as a collective, because they're not just people who get hungry, go to work and have babies like we do. They're aliens from Planet X.

Like the idea that all billion-plus Muslims in the world are terrorists.

These far Right boneheads would probably be more humane to purple-eating people-eaters from Mars than they would to another human of a different faith, culture, race, creed, orientation to them.

Green Eagle said...

By the way, I hope no one thinks that my reprinting this cartoon was about Jews alone. It was at the top of this site. I am sure that if I had the stomach to search farther, I could have found equally pleasant things about blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, and probably Catholics and (God knows) Corgi owners too.

magpie said...

Well, the thread I read was about race and who's what and what being white 'actually' means to those goofy creeps.

But the site as a whole seems committed to hating Jews in particular.

The site description reads "No Jews. Just Right."
Nauseating - and an interesting example the next time someone claims that hatred of Jews is somehow only a Leftist thing.

Names of other threads I noticed there:
"Do you spend like a nigger"
"Southern California city fails thanks to Mexicans"
"White actresses these days"...

Mate, it is a putrid piece of the Internet.