Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cut Oil Subsidies? Fat Chance

As reported at Crooks and Liars:

"Sen. Bernie Sanders Pushes Bill To End $35B Tax Break For Oil Companies...The Vermont independent today proposed putting $25 billion in savings toward reducing the deficit and $10 billion toward the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program over five years. Such funds help municipalities build windmills, make energy efficiency improvements or improve sewer treatment plants."

Isn't it sick that it takes the most left wing Senator in the entire Senate to come up with the idea of not giving away $35 billion a year to the most profitable business on the face of the earth? And you just know that not just Republicans, but Democratic pigs like Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln are going to find this idea just too outrageously left wing to be allowed to pass. And this, as it becomes more and more clear that Americans are going to be on the hook to pay billions to clean up the oil industry's latest mess.

My prediction? This bill has as much chance of passing, as a law to make pole dancing mandatory in elementary schools.

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Poll P. said...

Explain pole dancing. Is it like Polish dancing?