Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't Say That!

Many of you may have missed the story last week of the firing by the Washington Post of a guy named David Weigel, a libertarian who had the task of reporting on the Conservative world.

Weigel was fired because some e-mails he sent privately were revealed. Here's the content of some of them, from the Daily Caller:

“Honestly, it’s been tough to find fresh angles sometimes–how many times can I report that these [tea party] activists are joyfully signing up with the agenda of discredited right-winger X and discredited right-wing group Y?” Weigel lamented in one February email.
“There’s also the fact that neither the pundits, nor possibly the Republicans, will be punished for their crazy outbursts of racism. Newt Gingrich is an amoral blowhard who resigned in disgrace, and Pat Buchanan is an anti-Semite who was drummed out of the movement by William F. Buckley. Both are now polluting my inbox and TV with their bellowing and minority-bashing. They’re never going to go away or be deprived of their soapboxes,” Weigel wrote."

In other posts, Weigel describes conservatives as using the media to “violently, angrily divide America.” According to Weigel, their motives include “racism” and protecting “white privilege,” and for some of the top conservatives in D.C., a nihilistic thirst for power."

In other words, this guy was fired for stating what everyone knows to be the absolute, obvious truth about the right wing in this country. Apparently, not only are you not allowed by the "liberal media" to print the truth, you are not even allowed to think it any more. From the same article:

"Greg Sargent from the Washington Post had this to say: "So this isn't about whether Weigel could have continued to be fair, accurate and professional. I have no doubt that he could have."

Yes, but he could have only "continued to be fair, accurate and professional" if he had put in his published work the same thing he was saying in private, because it is all true.

The mainstream press in this country has awarded itself the right to publish the most nauseating Republican lies about Gore, Kerry, Obama, Pelosi, but it someone dares to state the simple, obvious truth about the right, even in private, they are through. This is the poison environment the press has created for Democrats, who are endlessly saddled with the responsibility of repairing the damage done to this country by Republicans, while under constant, baseless, withering attacks by people who are working to see them fail, no matter what the cost to the American people.

A Further Comment: Gateway Pundit has this to say about the Weigel affair:

"What an absolute stunner. Dave Weigel, The Washington Post’s contributor on conservative issues, was also a member of “Journolist”, an exclusive leftist email list-serv."

It's a "stunner" that a possible liberal might be allowed to comment in public about the right- this from a wingnut who daily publishes the most vicious lies about the left. Go figure.

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Poll P. said...

I hope this guy lands somewhere where he can tell the truth, loud and clear, without fear of losing his job. Someday the story will be written, about the ethical 'standards' taught in our journalism, law and business schools, that produced this crop of Democracy-killers.