Monday, June 7, 2010

Left Wing Wingnut Wrapup

Well, as I said below, right wingers have been letting Green Eagle down big time with their boring drivel. Fortunately, some lefties have stepped into the breach, concerning Helen Thomas' hatemongering racism, which I talked about below. What follows is a collection of comments from a single post at Crooks and Liars. This is one of my favorite websites, and I certainly don't hold them responsible for this disgusting display; but if we aren't willing to call out our fellow left wingers for racism, we have lost the right to complain when it comes from the other side.

"Liberal AND Proud: Speaking the truth makes Israelis cry."

Ignorant and proud. Antisemitic and proud. Speaking the truth? Not so much.

"But what she said is shocking, and, yes, incendiary. The real problem? Basically, it's true."

The real problem is that racists like you are willing to pretend that it's true.

"what i do care is that she thinks all jews in israel come from either europe or the us Oh, so she made an incorrect statement. What's so incendiary? She was incorrect."

It wasn't just a lie- it was a racist lie. That's why I care.

"Helen Thomas should not be vilified for pointing out that the Israelis are and have long been committing vile atrocities--all in the name of a mythical being who allegedly designated them, and only them, the 'chosen ones'!"

Not in the name of a mythical being. They are there because it is their historical homeland, going back thousands of years. That is not a myth. I notice that you did not take the time to object to the Islamic claims to Jerusalem, which are absolutely based on a myth; or do you believe that Mohammed ascended to heaven directly from the Temple Mount?

"I would point out to Walt that when a group of black African Jews wanted to emigrate to Israel it took the embarrassment of a public spectacle to shame the Israel government into letting them in."

If you are referring to the Falashas, it took a while, but the Israelis did give them citizenship despite the violent objection of Israeli right wingers. How does that compare, say, to Arizona? Once again, Israel is condemned for not adhering to a standard that is not demanded of any other country on earth.

By the way, have you ever known any Falashas? I have, and even though they have not been fully integrated into Israeli society, they are a lot happier to be where they are than back in Africa waiting to be slaughtered by their Muslim neighbors.

"if Helen Thomas supported expelling the Palestinians to Jordan then she would have been made an editor at the new york times"

I doubt that, but please remember that the West Bank was part of Jordan until 1967. Jordan refused to take it back. Believe me, Israel would be thrilled to have Jordan take up its responsibility.

"here we go again. Never mind we made the ultimate sacrifice and saved the Jewish people from oblivion in WW2."

Well, you saved about a fifth of them, mostly by accident. The rest, not so much.

"Hamas is in power because the Israelis have been so just in their treatment of the Palestinians."

Well, after working with Palestinians in Israel, I would say that Hamas is in power in Gaza because the Palestinians couldn't tolerate the terminally corrupt PLO any more, and Hamas was their only other choice.

"Why don't you shut up while your behind, Israel apologist?"

Why don't you learn to spell, asshole.

"The Palestinians have more of a blood connection to the ancient Israelites than 90% of the Jews in Israel. THAT is why Helen Thomas was RIGHT."

Population geneticist, are we now? Unfortunately, that is one more big lie, jerk. I've never even heard that one before, so I am guessing that you just made it up.

"Israel is an occupational force in Gaza...In reality, Israel and many of the "West"'s lackeys are playing right into their world domination program"

Israel pulled out of Gaza years ago, ignoramus. And by the way, where did you get that "world domination" thing, straight out of Mein Kampf? Next thing, someone will be raving about Jews controlling the media, all the time telling themselves that they would never be a racist.

"The State of Israel has shown itself to be incapable of functioning responsibly and should be dissolved...Any Israelis who do not have a former country to return to can certainly come to America. There are millions of Israel-Lovers here in the US who I am certain would happily give up their homes so former Israelis could have a place to live."

Are you calling for the dissolution of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, the Sudan, Yemen and Syria too? They are far more incapable of functioning responsibly than Israel, and have committed constant atrocities that are magnitudes greater than what Israel has done, yet I don't hear you screaming about them. And by the way, our country killed a million innocent Arabs over the last decade, not nine provocateurs. Maybe you should join the teabaggers and demand that the U.S. be dissolved too. Picking the tiny little state of Israel out for special condemnation is antisemitism, whether you want to admit it or not.

"She was set up...The Rabbi who interviewed her got the response he wanted"

Set up- the Rabbi must have waterboarded her until she said antisemitic things. Right.

"A one off, not a repeated pattern of behaviour."

Apparently not too familiar with teh Google, huh? Helen Thomas has a long history of grossly anti-Israeli comments. Try learning the truth before shooting your mouth off, buster.

"This is what happens when all you do is speak the truth. Mel spoke about who controls Hollywood and was condemned as an anti-semite. Helen, who has more understanding of the Middle East than anyone, is branded the same."

Oy, there it is! Hollywood! Is that in Israel? Oh, great. Now we're repeating one of the greatest anti-Semitic canards of all time. But we're not antisemites, no, don't call us that! We're just telling the truth.

Well, I don't know about you, but this sort of thing isn't any more appealing to me coming from the left than it is from the right.


Tree Octopus said...

Yikes! I didn't think ... liberals ... acted ... that ... w ...

Oh hell. The whole human species is corrupt. I am wondering? Is there any future for birds and cephalopods on this planet?

Green Eagle said...

Sure...once the people who think like this kill each other off, we are all going to get together and have a great big party!

Poll P. said...

It's a little shocking to be reminded that racism doesn't only mean hating people with another (darker, usually) skin color.