Saturday, June 26, 2010

U. S. Giving Away Arizona! Oh Wait...

If you've been following the news from the right lately, you will have heard stories like this, from Gateway Pundit:

"Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) met with President Obama on June 3rd to discuss our broken border with Mexico. President Obama promised he’d get back with her in two weeks. He didn’t. He blew her off. But, she did find out from Ecuadorean TV that his administration planned to sue her state. In the meantime, the federal government has ceded three southern Arizona counties to the Mexican drug cartel due to violence and smuggling."

The horror! Of course, what has happened that the Federal Government has declared off limits the border area of something called the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge (I bet you have never heard of that- I sure never did) because of violence related, apparently, to drug smuggling. Now, what are we talking about here? Below is a map from Fox news:

The area that is closed is the little part colored in
yellow, at the bottom of the refuge itself, shown by a red outline. Of course, Fox provides no scale here, so as far as we know, this area is the size of the state of North Dakota, or maybe the moon.

Well, here is another map, from the Federal agency which administers the wildlife refuge, which does contain a scale:

From this map, we can pretty accurately estimate the size of the yellow area in the Fox map as being about six miles by one mile in size.

We are now able to draw some conclusions from this information. First of all, surprisingly enough, Barack Obama did not give a large piece of Arizona to Mexico, although I am not sure that it wouldn't be a good idea if he did.

Second, Barack Obama did not give away or declare off limits three Arizona counties, unless counties are very small indeed in Arizona.

Third, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is a liar.

Fourth, Fox News consists of a pack of liars

Fifth, Gateway Pundit and all the wingnuts like him are liars.

Look how much you can learn from a couple of maps.

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Shaw Kenawe said...

I no longer become angry when I read the fulminations on rightwing blogs. I laugh. Hard.

They don't deal in facts, and when facts are presented, they start name-calling. That's all they have.

When a movement has a dimwitted half-term governor as their leader, who would expect the followers to have any intelligence.

These days, extreme rightwing blogs are the only places where I can get a guaranteed laugh.