Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ascent of the Tea Party

An interesting observation today by E. J. Dionne, in the Washington Post:

"What's remarkable is the extent to which the Tea Party movement has displaced the religious right as the dominant voice of conservative militancy. The religious conservatives have not disappeared, and Sarah Palin, a Tea Party hero, does share their views on abortion and gay marriage. But these issues have been overshadowed by the broader anti-government themes pushed by the New Old Right, and the "compassionate conservatism" that inspires parts of the Christian political movement has no place in the right's current order of battle."

It has been a basic tenet of Green Eagle thought that, in the end, American conservatism is about one thing and one thing only- greed. Cut my taxes- that's all they really care about. I believe the whole religious thing is nothing but a front to con themselves into believing that they hold the moral high ground, but in the end, all they care about is not paying to support a decent society. I think Dionne's observation is further evidence of this.

This truth, by the way, is the reason why it's impossible to have a rational discussion with a conservative. Their pronouncements in no way represent any sort of true belief. They are only whatever line it is convenient to take at the moment to justify their behavior.

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