Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corrupt NBA Referees

Today's Laker-Celtic game came down to one thing and one thing only- The referees threw the game to the Celtics. This happened in the first two games two years ago, and it is happening again. The refs called bogus foul after bogus foul on the Lakers, including two grossly bad calls on Kobe, which took him out of the game for long stretches. In the meantime, the Celts had two and three people banging into every Laker shooter in the paint, with nothing but the most blatant fouls being called.

I'll tell you what- if that's not the game you saw, you don't know anything about basketball.

If this is what the NBA is all about, we might as well stick to pro wrestling. At least we know that their matches are fixed.


M. Bouffant said...

I don't know anything about basketball, but yeah, what the hell was that?

Poll P. said...

And it appears the network is in collusion with the NBA to make the series --well, they might say "competitive'--I'd say --"Lucrative".

Six games sell more commercials than 4.